“Grandpa, how did you do that?”

There’s one thing about climbing a mile, just about straight up, on a gravel pathway and sturdily built staircases that wind in and around the most spectacular natural phenomena of waterfalls, deep pools and twisted trees… THE FLUME in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire…

Taylor, Andrew & Grandpa
Nicole, Grandpa & Andrew
Cascading waterfall
Deep pool... way down!
Taylor, Keith & Nicole
Part of the staircase network...

But there’s another thing about Grandpa climbing through a hole in what’s called the Bear’s Cave that’s so small, I wasn’t even sure if 8-year old Andrew would fit through it…

Dark, tiny CAVE. See Andrew? See the HOLE?!

In went Andrew.  Out came Andrew at the other end.

But the other end is on top of a rock formation that doesn’t allow you to see the person coming out unless you’re standing up there at the other end. (Nicole was up there waiting for Andrew!)

Oh, my.

Next was Taylor’s turn.  She made it.

Then Keith.

I felt a little is he stuck sense from behind Keith in that dark, tiny cave, but he’s young and nimble and he wiggled through.

It was my turn.  Can I turn back?  Not really.

Figure out the maneuver.  OK.  Am I stuck?  Probably.  Use your arms and pull.  Push.  Push AND pull.

OK.  Phew.  Through.

I’m not so sure about Grandpa.  But he’s gonna try.

We can’t see him.

Wait.  There he is…


Taylor and Andrew are in awe at the other end

Look at the confidence... !

And the question… “Grandpa, how did you do that?”

Oh, wait!  I am in awe, too!

Just how DID Grandpa do that?!



“Grandpa, how did you do that?” was last modified: August 15th, 2011 by Sharon Couto
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“Grandpa, how did you do that?” was last modified: August 15th, 2011 by Sharon Couto