Getting ready for Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is THE hot topic in Rhode Island these days. You can’t turn on any of the local television stations without full coverage of the storm all. the. time.

So it’s weird to me that it still hasn’t hit us yet… and it’s not even supposed to until tomorrow afternoon.

When my friend Jo-Lynne posted this on Facebook this morning…

“Does anyone else wish this storm would just GET HERE already?”

…I was like, YES!”

Brian and I have gone shopping for the necessary back-up supplies. We have our plan to head to Brian’s mom’s house (which is on higher ground) if we have any flooding concerns. I’ve already completed a fundraiser bike ride that got reschedule from Sunday to today.

I’m ready for this hurricane to be over with!

It really seems like the slowest-moving hurricane EVER. Maybe because it’s all anyone has been talking about for DAYS.

Brian and I went out to lunch with my parents this afternoon by the water… it was grey and drizzly, but the water was still pretty smooth, so Mom and I used it as a photo op:

Hurricane Irene hits Rhode Island

Ahh… the calm before the storm.

But even though I hope there’s no major damage and/or power outages, I must admit that I’m a little excited for the storm. We haven’t had a major hurricane up hit it in 20 years (it makes me feel old that I actually remember it clearly), so it’s definitely going to be a little adventure.

Plus, I don’t get to experience winter storms with Brian because he’s always out snow plowing during those, so it will be fun to experience what Mother Nature’s got for us with Brian.

Plus, as we’ve discussed, Brian isn’t one to get frazzled easily, so if I start to get too nervous with all the wind and rain and possible falling trees and power outages, I will have him here to calm me down.

Living near the water, I’m almost tempted to go watch the waves as they get bigger, but I’ve seen too much footage on the The Weather Channel of people having close calls with out-of-the-blue humongous waves.

I will be hunkering down inside.

Stay safe, everyone!

Getting ready for Hurricane Irene was last modified: August 27th, 2011 by Jane Couto Govednik
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Getting ready for Hurricane Irene was last modified: August 27th, 2011 by Jane Couto Govednik