What are Dolman Sleeves?

Dolman sleeves.

What are they?

I’ve been getting this question a bunch lately, so I thought I’d take the time to answer it today.

I have to be honest with you, I love shirts with dolman sleeves.  And right now, they’re very popular… you walk into a Old Navy, Target, TJMaxx or Gap… and you’ll find a top with dolman sleeves.

OK… so a Dolman Sleeve is a sleeve that is very wide at the armhole and then tapers.

It looks a little something like this…

Tops like this are best worn with bottoms that are a little bit more on the form-fitting side.

I recommend… jeggings, shorts, pencil skirts and/or capris.

A top with Dolman Sleeves is a really very flattering cut, it’s a definite must have in your closet! I love that it can be dressed down and also dressed up. Such a trendy key item!

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