My Mom in 1958

Sometimes when we contemplate the age old question of why we are what we are… maybe we should just look at old 8 mm movies.

My Mom is the one in the blue swimsuit with the white trim.  Isn’t she just lovely beyond belief?  She still is.  Her cousin Claire, now deceased, is the one in the black & white suit.  My Nana, also deceased, is the one who, well… looks like a Nana!

These are my locked-in memories from childhood.

My Mom playing. Playing with her cousin and her own Mom in the gigantic waves of the Pacific Ocean way back in 1958.

Sometimes it’s just really, really wonderful to see it again.

What I wish this morning is that every child has these fun, playful, frolicking memories of their Mom… just like I do.  These moments shaped who I am today.

GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS TODAY! Really, really play.  Because some day, they will be a Grandma like me, smiling back on their childhoods… and thinking happy thoughts about YOU!

My beautiful Mom in 1958

Thanks, Mom!  I love you!



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  1. Janie… and this is with no training, no trainers, no programs or special diets. No multi-billion $ industry to build muscle like that! Genetics are a wonderful thing, ya know! xoxox!

  2. I know that I have told you this before, but you are so lucky to have these wonderful memories preserved forever. Your mom is beautiful. I see where you get your beauty, grace and style. I’m a little jealous. I have still pictures, but no movies that I know of.

My Mom in 1958 was last modified: July 20th, 2011 by admin