“Grandma, I see your belly-button!”

“Grandma, I see your belly-button!”

“WHAT?” I thought and almost screamed simultaneously.

“There it is!” a delighted 4-year old voice sang as he poked my, yes, belly-button.

In my head, I was still on the WHAT? question.

I looked down at the little pointer finger right in my, yes, belly-button.

But let me clarify here.  I had a shirt on.  The shirt covered not only my belly-button, but a whole lot more.

But there was the little finger attached to the delighted 4-year old.  Yes.  In my belly-button.

“OH NO,” I thought and said simultaneously.  “MY SHIRT IS SEE-THROUGH.”

Yep.  It sure was.  And I had the finger in my belly-button to prove it.

Here I was at a swim meet with a ga-zillion people.  A grandchildren’s swim meet to boot.  And I was the grandmother with the black (no-less), see-through shirt.

My mind hovered on the “WHAT?” as I asked my daughter-in-law Aimee, “Can you see through my shirt?”

Aimee smiled and answered, “A little.”  She must have seen my horrified expression and added, “It’s really cute.  And you can tell you have a sports bra under it.”

“SO YOU CAN SEE THROUGH IT?”  I thought and said simultaneously.

“It’s really cute,” Aimee smiled.  “It’s not at all what you’re thinking!”

Well, when I had picked up the shirt the previous day from a sale rack at Target, I thought it was kinda cute.  And nice and long and gather-able at the waist.  In fact, I bought it because of the awesome way it gathered.  But the dressing room mirror at Target had given me no clue to its revealing nature.

“OK.  HOLD YOUR HEAD UP.  IT’S CUTE.”  (And stay away from little fingers in search of belly-buttons.)

I made it through the swim meet and headed directly home for a better look at my not-so-Grandma see-through shirt.

I took it off and held it up to the light…


And glanced at the label…

liz lange maternity… for Target

And then I laughed my butt off.

This Grandma had worn a see-through, belly-button revealing, maternity top to a grandchildren’s swim meet.  (No wonder it gathered so awesomely at my waist!)

But it is CUTE! Thanks, Aimee, for the confidence to pull it off…

I just had to snap a photo of my maternity top!

Next time I wear it, though, I will add a little black cami underneath.  You know, too keep little fingers away!








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  1. That is too cute and totally something I would do! That really makes me want to shop the maternity section though 😉

“Grandma, I see your belly-button!” was last modified: July 29th, 2011 by Sharon Couto