The FuelBelt R20 2-Bottle Belt is sweet Revenge… !

When I first began to run a little over 2.5 years ago, if you had asked me what a FuelBelt is, I would have answered, “Something for a car.”

That may be true, but FuelBelt in the running sense for me has come to mean the difference between running.  Or not.

I’ve experimented with running gear. I’ve tried different running shoes. I’ve consumed every sports drinks and nutrition thing available.  I’ve updated iPods and Garmins and related stuff.  I’ve even ventured into Triathlons. But what I’ve really learned about running and triathlons are 3 things:  HYDRATION. HYDRATION. HYDRATION.

And FuelBelt translates to HYDRATION for me.

That being said, I’m picky, particular and peculiar with my hydration comfort.  I need light, non-binding, easy.

I recently ran my first marathon with just one Pink FuelBelt Palm Holder.  I had my husband Barry and daughter Jane pretty much following me along the 26.2 mile route with plenty of filled extra bottles to hand-off to me as I needed them.  Maybe not the most efficient plan, but it worked for me.

But recently I was introduced to the Revenge Series FuelBelt R20 2-Bottle Belt.

I’m sold.  Hook, line & hydration.

I’m hooked on the comfortable position of the 2 bottles.  They each rest in the most perfect spots against my back/sides… and, as I’m known to position it, against my front/sides, too.

The design is perfection.  The lines are sleek, incredibly comfortably padded… velcro-fastened and the lightest weight imaginable.  There is also a little pouch for stuff like my house key or a couple of energy/electrolyte thing-a-ma-jigs.

And hydration?  The molded holsters are the easiest… repeat EASIEST… ever to both exit and enter a bottle.

I happen to have the lovely Hibiscus Pink R20, which is pretty hot I must say.  Each time I velcro it into place around my waist, I think of my 10-year old granddaughter Taylor who also happened to be along my 26.2 marathon miles at various points.  She later told me, “Grandma, I could always spot you coming by your hot pink FuelBelt in your hand!”

Taylor spotting me at mile 2!
Last FuelBelt bottle hand-off at mile 24!

Well, Taylor, now you’re really gonna see me coming!

Do I wish I could run my marathon all over again with my FuelBelt R20?

No.  But I’ll certainly use it next marathon!  That’s how confident I am with my hydration.

Ah… thirst.

The FuelBelt R20 2-Bottle Belt is my sweet Revenge.

The FuelBelt R20 2-Bottle Belt is sweet Revenge… ! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin
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The FuelBelt R20 2-Bottle Belt is sweet Revenge… ! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin