Introducing Skinny Cow Candy!

Sometimes you know your wishes have been answered! 🙂

Introducing Skinny Cow Candy! (Hello my loves… !)

I’m not kidding when I tell you that I was actually giddy when the box arrived filled with some Skinny Cow Candies to try out. I’m addicted to the Vanilla Sandwiches from Skinny Cow, so I know the brand well. I love that everything is low-fat, but still utterly delicious! It’s such a good feeling to know you’re eating some delicious, that isn’t horrible for you!

So… when I heard there was Candy, I was immediately intrigued and anxious to try it out!

The Skinny Cow candy line includes:

Skinny Cow® Dreamy Clusters – bite-sized treats with crunchy crisps, drenched in creamy caramel, and covered in either rich, milk chocolate or decadent dark chocolate

Skinny Cow® Heavenly Crisp candy bars – delicate wafers layered with either smooth, creamy chocolate or peanut butter filling and drenched in a luscious chocolatey coating

Let me give you a little tip as to what we did, freeze them! They’re freezer-free, but honestly… I just tried it out! OMG… it was so delicious! Funny because I ended up hiding some clusters and crisp bars in the freezer from my in-laws (they were in town visiting) and husband, when I went to grab them out… I ended up trying a bite and it was heavenly!!

You’re getting a delectable candy treat that only contains 110-120 calories, and you’re still indulging! What’s better than that? The crisps are so light and so delectable! And the clusters are fabulously delicious!! You will just LOVE them!! We took some to the beach this past weekend and it was the perfect beach snack!!!!

Introducing Skinny Cow Candy! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin
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Introducing Skinny Cow Candy! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin