JUNE BUGS: The Underwing Moth on Day 172 of 365 Days of Literacy for Kids!

Let’s have a little fun, a little learning and a little YIKES! today with the UNDERWING MOTH:

The Underwing Moth

The Underwing Moth is a perfect example of hidden beauty.


The forewings of an Underwing Moth are a dull color that no-one might notice.  These dull-colored, unexciting wings give the Underwing Moth perfect camouflage from predators while it’s at rest.

But the underwings of an Underwing Moth are another story all-together.  The underwings are the hind wings, hidden when the Underwing Moth is at rest… but these wings are bright and beautiful in oranges, reds, whites, blues, yellows, and often touched with a dramatic black pattern.

The Underwing Moth belongs to the genus Catocala (derived from 2 Greek words – behind & beautiful) and there are many species and many colors of the Underwing Moth.

Introduce your kids and grandkids to the Underwing Moth.  Talk about finding beauty where we sometimes least expect it.  Perhaps talk about the phrase never a dull moment… which is certainly true in the world of nature, and specifically with the Underwing Moth!

(The only YIKES! I can think of for the Underwing Moth is its status as a collectible… )

Join me here each day in June for JUNE BUGS on 365 Days of Literacy for Kids! Kids love learning wonderful little tidbits about simple little insects.



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