Happy 7th Birthday, Jake!

This is Jake!

Jake came into this wonderful world 7 years ago today… just about one month earlier than expected.

I think Jake arrived early because he just couldn’t wait to get started on life!

Jake brings delight to every moment of every day.  He brings enthusiasm beyond words.  He brings big, happy love from his heart into the hearts of others…

Jake and Grandpa

Jake loves to play, and play he does!  He loves baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, karate… and he’s an awesome dancer, too!

Big swing...
Watchful on 1st base!
Jake & Daddy... Boston Celtics, here he comes!

Jake makes each moment count.  He makes each moment a celebration…

Me, Jake & cousin William at Fenway Park!

Jake dares to be daring.  He has courage beyond his years…

Jake, sister Maddie, Grandpa, Daddy, brother Dylan & Mommy - 1/1/11

On New Year’s Day 2011, Jake decided to do the Polar Plunge with me, Grandpa, Maddie and his Dad.  But faced with the cold, the wind, the beach in Rhode Island in January… would he go though with it??!!


Jake has veins of steel!

Jake is the 4th cousin of 9 in our family, and 5 littler guys (4 boy cousins and 1 little brother) look up to him.  Jake is an awesome role model for reading, writing, drawing, sports, dancing, singing, fun & games…

Back: Alex, JAKE, Andrew, Dylan - Front: Henry, William, Maddie, Ben, Taylor

With an emphasis on FUN!

JAKE in a fedora from New Orleans!

Jake is one of the most FUN kids ever, and his smile, style, laughter and love bless our family every single day!  Jake makes life a wonderful, happy, enthusiastic adventure!



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  1. You are an amazing Grandma Sharon. Your grandchildren are going to appreciate these posts and all your wise words as they go through all the stages of life. You rock!

    Happy Birthday Jake!

Happy 7th Birthday, Jake! was last modified: June 20th, 2011 by Sharon Couto