2 Weddings from a Grandma’s Perspective

Ten years ago this month, on June 30, 2001, my daughter Audrey married the man of her dreams, Matthew.

Ten years ago, Barry and I had 2 grandchildren… 2 beautiful little girl cousins… Taylor and Maddie.

For her wedding celebration, Audrey had 2 little dresses designed for Taylor and Maddie… 2 little white and butter-colored dresses that matched her wedding gown and the dresses her bridesmaids wore.

Taylor was 5 months old and Maddie 2 months old… too little to remember the day, but captured in glorious photographs with their Auntie Audrey…

Maddie, Auntie Audrey, Taylor

It’s one of my favorite photos of all time.

Ten years later, in June 2011… Auntie Janie is engaged and planning her wedding to the man of her dreams, Brian.

Ten years later, Barry and I have 9 grandchildren, 7 grandsons to add to those 2 beautiful little granddaughter cousins who are now each 10 years old.

This past Sunday, Auntie Janie asked Taylor and Maddie to be bridesmaids at her wedding celebration.  We were blessed to have their faces captured in a photograph as Auntie Janie asked them to honor her in this special way, on her special day…

Taylor, Auntie Janie, Maddie

10 years later, I am mesmerized all over again by my beautiful daughters, my beautiful granddaughters… and how the passage of TIME has changed everything, yet changed nothing.



Oh, I can hardly wait to go dress-shopping with my 4 girls… the Bride Janie, the Matron-of-Honor Audrey and the Bridesmaid cousins Taylor and Maddie!

Let the celebration begin!











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  1. Another beautiful post. I enjoyed every word.

    So happy for Jane and Brian.

    My Brian is also engaged, we feel so blessed that he found his special someone.

2 Weddings from a Grandma’s Perspective was last modified: June 15th, 2011 by Sharon Couto