Puristics and Sincerity and that which is otherwise

Very early this morning, I was editing a little piece I was working on about the Foxglove… a lovely flowering plant with a long stalk of whimsical bell-shaped flowers forming what resembles a delightful little glove.  I had received the Foxglove as a gift on Mothers Day and I was excited to add it to my garden and to a collection of posts I was writing.

The Foxglove

But the piece gave me pause.

You see, I’ve been posting a do-able little Literacy tidbit, poem or word each day on MomGenerations.com since January 1, 2011.  I call it 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able. As a retired English/Reading teacher, I spent years designing ways to build vocabulary, reading and writing skills… bringing language to life in fun and interesting ways.  Knowing that learning skills begin at home, my 365 Days of Literacy for Kids is for parents, grandparents, caretakers and anyone who loves to develop and see the great enthusiasm and confidence that learning and literacy brings to kids.  Fun.  Easy.  Do-able.

Each month, I choose a different theme to build upon.  May’s theme is May Flowers.  Each day, I highlight a different flower… giving its word origin, what it is known to symbolize, a little story or legend or two, and how to incorporate the flower into a wonderful conversation/experience with children.  I delight in finding each flower in my own garden or in a garden of someone I love.

So why did the Foxglove give such pause?

Because all of my research pointed to the Foxglove as highly toxic… poisonous. This didn’t seem at all fun, easy or do-able for children.

Of course, children should be instructed to never, ever eat vegetation of any kind without knowing what it is… roots, seeds, leaves, berries, flowers, stalks… but a tiny touch or nibble of the Foxglove can be harmful and even fatal.  But my Mothers Day Foxglove gift had not one mention of any harmful/toxic/poisonous properties on its Care & Maintenance card.  I looked and looked again…

Do you see any warnings?
Is there anything about potential harm to people/pets?

I honestly stepped away from my writing to contemplate whether or not to just write about another charming, whimsical, less ominous flower for today’s May Flowers post.  I looked out my window at my Foxglove… an unwitting purchase meant to bring me great joy.

I headed to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee.  I thought about my post.  I made myself some oatmeal.  I thought some more about my post.  I headed to my bathroom to wash up a bit.  I thought some more about my post.  I looked at myself in my mirror as I was applying my face cream… my daily Puristics Totally Ageless Anti-Aging Lotion… and I suddenly knew the answer to my dilemma.

I had to write about the Foxglove.

No matter the ominousness of it.  No matter the frightening-ness of it.  No matter the uncomfortable nicknames of it… Dead Man’s Bells, Witches Gloves and Bloody Fingers.

Since I’ve become involved in the testing of Puristics products, and come to know the purity of Puristics ingredients and Puristics’ commitment to purity and label literacy,  I’ve been vigilant about everything I bring into my home, everything I eat, everything I put on my body, and everything that comes near my family, including my 86-year of Mom and my 9 grandchildren.

I have come to evaluate and appreciate all that is developed and presented with great Sincerity, just as Puristics does.  Here I was applying the most pure and natural lotion to my face, and I was contemplating not writing about something that could potentially harm children/pets/people because it was uncomfortable to talk about?

I went right back to work on my piece about the Foxglove. I discovered that the flower represents INSINCERITY.  Oh, my.  The beauty and sweet smell draw you in, draw children in, enticing us to poke our fingers into its lovely, colorful bells… bells that fit as wonderfully as a little glove.  But the insincere part is the potential danger.

I thought why don’t manufacturers put warning labels on such plants?

Then I remembered that manufacturers don’t put warning labels on lots of things, and certainly don’t make ingredient lists easy to understand or decipher.

How often have we been enticed by the beautiful color and sweet smell of a lovely cream or lotion or balm… having no idea or knowledge of what’s in it… and its potential dangers?

Yes, I wrote about the Foxglove today.  And I returned the Mothers Day Foxglove gift.  But I did pick out something wonderful in its place… something I will be writing about on my May Flowers!  Stay tuned.

I need SINCERITY in my life.  I need to understand labels.  I need LABEL LITERACY.  I need honest-to-goodness GOOD products to bring into my home or gardens.  To use.  To feel wonderful about.

I am proud to be a spokesperson for one of the most wonderful and effective and SINCERE product lines I have ever used… PURISTICS.  The feeling of pure sincerity overflows into every aspect of my life.

Ah... sincerity!


We at Mom Generations are honored to be spokespeople for Puristics. This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are mine and I stand by them!

Puristics and Sincerity and that which is otherwise was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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Puristics and Sincerity and that which is otherwise was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Sharon Couto