My “baby girl” and her company of boys…

Barry and I surprised Audrey very early Monday morning, on her birthday, with a luscious little white cake… decorated with pink icing, pink rosettes and pink lettering.

The boys couldn't wait to stick in the candles!

Pink. You know… girlie.

We rang the doorbell.  We listened for sounds.  And within a half second, we heard the rushing of footsteps to the door.  Well, the thundering of footsteps.   You know… boy-ish.

Boyish as in 4 boys.

The curtain was pulled back.  Eyes appeared.  The cheering of, “Mommy,  Grandma and Pop-up are here!”

Audrey was right behind them.  Our birthday girl.  Our daughter.  Our baby… all grown up and a Mommy of 4 boys.

We couldn't resist the Girly balloon!

All in jammies, and Audrey in her robe, we began Audrey’s birthday with cake for breakfast.  The boys were so excited to help with the candles and wish Mommy the best birthday ever…4 happy little guys!


Precious, precious birthday moments.

And then… precious, precious LIFE moments in the life of my baby girl and her company of boys…

6-year old William in his videographer role!
5-year old Alex practicing his 1-arm maneuver
4-year old Benjamin boxing with the balloons!
Soon-to-be 3-year old Henry... need I say more!?

It was the greatest celebration of birthday and life ever, ever, ever….

PINK… enveloped in BLUE!


My “baby girl” and her company of boys… was last modified: May 26th, 2011 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Amazing to see our Audrey with her and Matt and their 4 boys running around the house. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. i love you!

My “baby girl” and her company of boys… was last modified: May 26th, 2011 by Sharon Couto