What to Wear to a Baseball Game (for kids)

My husband had been counting down for years for a day like yesterday!

3 of his sons in baseball, him coaching.

I have to admit, I was excited, too. To see my 3 guys suited up (well, 4 if you include Matt… and actually 5 if you include Henry b/c we had an extra uniform we put him in for the day) was ADORABLE!

But that left me. What to wear to a baseball game (for kids)?

I knew 3 things:

1. I would be chasing the boys around throughout the afternoon.
2. I wouldn’t get a chance to sit down ONCE.
3. I would be sweating like crazy if I didn’t go in layers.

If you happen to be in the same boat as I am during the baseball/softball season, here are some ideas for what to wear


If you have an event afterwards, a safe bet to wear...

Coming from a workout...



I ended up going with comfy wear…

Me and 2 of my guys (on the red team)

Red Sox Hat
Under Armour Fleece
Guess Fleece pants
Nike sneakers

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