I honor my Mom today… on her 86th birthday

When I was a little girl, I thought my Mom was the most beautiful lady in the entire world.

I was mesmerized with her face, her petite little figure, her make-up, her clothes and her shoes.  I loved looking at photographs of her as a teenager and young woman, and I spent lots of time dreaming of being her some day.  My Mom never reached 5’… but she did reach 4′ 11.5″. That .5 was very important to her!  She had raven hair and greenish-bluish/grayish eyes that changed with the weather and the colors she wore.

My Mom loved to dance.  She loved the beach.  She loved being with her 3 sisters, her cousins and her girlfriends.  My Mom loved to read… and she still reads the daily newspaper from cover to cover each day.

My Mom loved her Mom… my Nana, who was with us until she was 82 years old.  My Mom is the oldest of 4 girls and sandwiched between 2 brothers.  All of my aunts and uncles are still here… except my Aunt Jean, who died 7 years ago.

My Mom was the only Mom I knew who exercised.  I remember coming home from school as a 2nd and 3rd grader to my Mom hula-hooping, jumping rope, floor workouts… and doing workouts with Jack LaLanne.  My Mom wore tiny, tiny sarong tops and short-shorts when she exercised!  She always looked like a teenager to me… which is awesome, because my Mom was an “older” Mom way back then!  She didn’t get married until she was 25 and I was born when she was 28!   My Mom still exercises every single day… every single day!

My Mom has never uttered a unkind word.  She has never uttered a “swear” word.  (I didn’t take after my Mom in this category and she still reprimands me for my “language”!)

My Mom always wore the most beautiful dresses and the highest heels.  I did take after my Mom in the high-heel department.  She still is the fashion-maven of the century… even though her shoes are not so high-heeled anymore.

Today is my Mom’s 86th Birthday!  She is vibrant, lovely, loving, soft and kind and beautiful…

I’m a very big girl now… and I still think my Mom is the most beautiful lady in the entire world!


Mom with my brother... me in her arms
My first Christmas

Mom with my brother and me in back yard pool!

Ah... the shorts!
Easter Sunday!

My Mom & Dad in the 70's! Big Hair!
My Mom & my Nana... with Audrey!
My Mom and her "girls"!
My Mom & me in the 90's!
Great-grandma Rita and Ben share a birthday month!

Oh, happy day!

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  1. I definitely understand being petite and how important that .5 is 😉 Your mother sounds like an amazing woman and what a role model you had. And, I love it that she doesn’t utter unkind words or, swear words! I’m guilty of the latter too at times but would rather be more like your Mom – refreshing. I hope her birthday was full of smiles, laughter and of course, HUGS! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

I honor my Mom today… on her 86th birthday was last modified: April 13th, 2011 by admin