Week 11: Clean Start Challenge – It’s almost time!

Week 11: Clean Start Challenge – It’s almost time!

Oh my goodness! It’s WEEK 11!

Throughout the last 11 weeks I have been planning, working hard, worrying (oh, yes!), strategizing and thinking-thinking-thinking about my Clean Start Challenge. I made the commitment to increase literacy 11 weeks ago. I made the commitment to find a way to bring more books into my sons’ preschool. I made the commitment to read every single night to my boys. I made the commitment to spread the word about the importance of First Book. I made the commitment to create a Reading Garden at my son’s preschool. I made commitments that I wanted, needed and would follow-through on in my Clean Start Challenge.

And now, next week… all of this will be coming together. It’s Literacy Day at my sons’ preschool.

I simply cannot believe that Week 11 is here. In a way, I’m sad. I have worked so hard for the last 11 weeks. It has renewed something within me, sparked a deeper passion for reading. I’ve always been a reader. And I always have known the importance, the benefits and the beauty in it. So bringing this to life… it’s a moment I’m getting very, very. very for.

I have a few goals for next week:

1. I HOPE we collect over 100 books.
2. I HOPE the kids understand what I’m trying to create for them and for the school.
3. I HOPE the kids are excited about Ready Day.
4. I HOPE the weather cooperates.
5. I HOPE this is something that we can convince the preschool to keep doing year after year after year.

I’m so excited for Reading Day… and I cannot wait to see how the day runs! I’m actually a little nervous! (OK, very)

Mostly… I also want to raise as much awareness as I can for First Book. It’s become so near and dear to my heart and I want to do anything I possibly can!!

Here’s to an amazing 11 weeks… now for one more!

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