Week 10: Clean Start Challenge Update – First Book

It’s WEEK 10!

This week I want to talk about the amazing charity I’m trying to raise 10K for… FIRST BOOK!

I was recently asked what has been the most startling statistic that I’ve come across about literacy since starting this challenge… this was it:

Can you imagine? When you really let it sink it, it startles me and leaves me speechless. My sons have had a shelf of books since before they were born! To me, books were as essential as having toys and rattles. I cannot imagine not having the money to not be able to afford a single book for your child. It saddens me and is truly heartbreaking.

First Book is looking to change that and bring truly – First Books – to children. It is a commendable cause and a commendable effort. I have loved trying to raise more awareness for First Book because I have always felt that a book is a child’s key to their future. If a child loves a book… they will love school, they will appreciate education and then will want to teach others about their love of reading. I mean, think of you now… whenever I read a fabulous book (granted most romance) I always tell me friends. I pass along the beauty of a book… every child needs to have this “power.”

First Book is truly and utterly amazing.

I urge you to get to know about them… and please to watch my video HERE and VOTE for me. I’m trying SO HARD to raise 10K for them… I know it will make such a huge difference!

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