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If you’ve been following my blog over the past few weeks, you are probably tired of hearing about know I just enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Florida.

Brian and I stayed in a condo and we had a little kitchen to work with, which was awesome. I love going out to eat and trying new restaurants while on vacation, but we were away for 12 days – it would get very expensive to eat out every meal!

We kept the refrigerator and cabinets in our condo stocked with food, but of course, when cooking and preparing our meals, we wanted to make things that were quick and easy. I mean, come on, we were in Florida, where the temperature every day was 80 degrees (compared to, oh, about 35 degrees back home in Rhode Island) – we didn’t want to spend too much time indoors!

So this was how I discovered that discovered that is a fantastic resource for cooking meals while on vacation.

Sure, a condo’s kitchen usually has the “essentials” in terms of cookware, but it’s not quite like being in the kitchen you’re used to, right? So you have to make do with what you have.

And that’s why ReadySetEat made things really simple for me while we were in Florida. I found every piece of equipment for the recipes I made right in the condo’s kitchen – pots, a skillet, a colander, utensils and dishware. No fancy or obscure cooking equipment necessary.

One of the recipes I made while vacationing was the Penne Alfredo with Tomatoes. Penne Alfredo with Tomatoes recipe
Penne Alfredo with Tomatoes


You know how it’s easy to lost track of time while on vacation? That’s kind of what happened the night I made this meal. Brian and I were sitting by our resort’s pool (oh, how I miss that…!), listening to the live music at the Tiki bar (seriously, take me back…!) and we almost simultaneously remarked about how hungry we were. Then we realized why – it was nearly 6:30 p.m.

We had already bought the ingredients (all 4 of them!) for this recipe on one of our shopping trips, so we headed up to the condo and I whipped this up super quickly. It was so easy and really good… and we were back down at the Tiki bar by 8 p.m. (now I’m just torturing myself…!).

Another ReadySetEat recipe I tried out while vacationing was the Spaghetti with Chunky Tomato Meat Sauce.


Seriously, so delicious… in fact, as I wrote in my review of the recipe on, the sauce reminded me of the sauce at one of my favorite restaurants… and now I’m thinking that I just may know their secret ingredient!

You’ll have to watch my video to find out for yourself…!


Disclosure: I am being compensated by for my time; however, all opinions are mine!

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  1. Jane: although I don’t eat meat anymore your dish looked delicious! I’ll bet the brown sugar was a key ingredient and I’m going to try that next time in my veggie sauce 🙂 Hope your vacation was wonderful – I missed your other posts because I haven’t had a computer due to a bad virus I got that even wiped out my business website 🙁 Anyway, using a friend’s computer now and glad to be back to check out what’s going on. No doubt Brian is loving your new dishes 😉 Hugs!

Vacation cooking made easy with! was last modified: July 21st, 2017 by Jane Couto Govednik