Mom Fashion Report: When in Disney, do the Ears!

I came to Disney for the very first time when I was 6 years old. To me, it truly was the most magical place on earth. My parents had worked very hard to save up the money to take all of us (my 2 brothers, sister and me) to Disney and it truly was one of the best family trips we had ever been on. I remember my father letting all of us each pick out something special to take home from Disney. I didn’t have to think long and hard to what I wanted… I wanted Mickey Ears. I wish I knew today where those Ears were… those Ears defined that family trip for me. They were those magic ears, and even at 32 years old… I remember them.

While in Disney right now with the Disney Social Media Conference, we were invited last night to an amazing Wedding Soiree. I’m a HUGE wedding junkie… I love anything that has to do with love and romance! When I was planning my own wedding, it was the most magical time on earth for me… so I understand the connection between Disney and weddings, the merging of the 2 fulfill many, many dreams.

As we entered the Wedding Soiree party we were greeted with a table full of top hats and veils, all which had the iconic Mickey/Minnie Ears on them…

Mickey/Minnie EARS!

I loved it… ! And it’s true… oh, so true. When at Disney, you do the Ears! It doesn’t matter what age. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, man or a woman, mom or not… you do the EARS! It’s a fashion style at Disney that is always trendy, always chic and always fabulous!

Everyone got into the spirit!

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  1. Too cute!

    We’ll get there someday 😉 I’m kind of excited that our entire family’s first time at a Disney park will be all together.

    LOVE the pics — miss you xo