Disney Social Media Moms… Day 2

Disney sure does know how to bring on the magic and make dreams come true…

Yesterday during our Disney Social Media Mom Conference we listened to 5 presentations that were truly out-of-this-world. Each speaker brought their own unique spin/story to the table that inspired and offered up (definitely for me) some “ah-ha!” moments.

Facebook… ahh, the “little” social media tool that I use every single day about 15 times.

First up was Matt Jacobson from Facebook, the 8th original employee and head of market development of Facebook. Listening to him speak was pretty cool, especially since Facebook has become such an integral part of my life/business. To think that he was one of the founding fathers was kind of crazy to me. But what was the most incredible, was that he was there to share his story and then wanted to hear from us. In blogging, especially mom blogging, we get so caught up in our daily routines of being in Twitter, blogging, vlogging and Facebook that we tend to forget how important it is to establish a personal page and a business page. When I started out, I didn’t do this… I just created Audrey McClelland and called it a day. Now I’m trying to migrate more and more over to a business page, and that’s not always easy once you’ve started out with a personal. Matt loved hearing our questions because he kept saying that a very small % of people on Facebook need a personal and personal business page, so he wanted to hear what we thought of everything and how if there was anyway he at Facebook could help us (UM, hello!).

Vera Sweeney took AMAZING notes during his presentation (while I sat there mesmerized by him being there)…

How to get the most out of Facebook for your blog:

* Step 1: Create a page and post your blog stories (use Notes tool to import)
* Step 2: Integrate social plugins on your blog (like Digg Digg for WordPress)
* Step 3: Advertise to target new moms and build your business
* Step 4: Use insight tools to better understand your audience

And Matt also shared this beautiful story, which I didn’t know about showing the power of Facebook in reaching out into your communities and how far a message can spread. This literally gave me goosebumps…


I’ve always been a fan of Rene Syler, and now that she’s a Digital Mom (Good Enough Mother)… I love her even more. I had the pleasure of posing in the same Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Ad as Rene this past October. When I heard her personal story as to the power of her posing, her double mastectomy, it moved me. I didn’t know much about Rene’s personal story of where she’s been, how she’s gotten there… she shared it yesterday. And she shared it big. Not many speakers can bring a tear to your eye and then have you slapping your knee in laughter, but Rene can do that. She’s simply that good.

Rene spoke about passion and following your heart and never, ever, ever giving up. I loved it. She tossed out quotes and pieces of advice that I was loving…

“Nobody’s going to believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.”

“You may not know what you want to do, but you know what you don’t want to do.”

“Don’t worry what everybody else is saying. You live your life and they can live theirs.”

“Follow your passion, you’ll never go wrong!”

It was very encouraging to see someone like Rene embrace, understand and love the magical world of mom blogging. We’re all here at this conference because we love to blog. It’s in our blood and it’s a part of who we are, plain and simple. To see Rene be within this blogging world, it’s AWEsome.

Chris Brogan…

I always love hearing Chris speak. Chris is one of those guy’s that just gets it social media. He doesn’t only get it, he knows it. He knows it forwards, backwards and sideways. And I love it. What’s always refreshing about Chris is that he’s here to help. He’s here to guide. He’s here to answer all questions. He’s a guru in this space, and I always have appreciated how he pays-it-forward by helping anyone else invested in this space, too.

I love that Chris knows that we’re all in this together. Everyone wants to know how they can get more traffic/readers/followers. That seems to be the #1 question on everyone’s mind. So Chris shared his thoughts…

Attention Matters. How do you get it?

1. You need to give it to get it. Make sure you don’t just leave your URL in the bottom of the comment. It makes you suddenly kind of “jerky” as that info is in the sign in ID anyhow.

2. Raise up other bloggers. All the time. Especially in the mom space he feels this does not happen as much due to the catty behavior. If you raise everyone up, there is more for everyone.

And Colleen drafted down a TON of other advice that Chris gave yesterday on our Digital Mom Handbook site because we absolutely wanted to share all of his information with our Digital Mom readers!!

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Disney Social Media Moms… Day 2 was last modified: July 22nd, 2017 by Audrey McClelland