Degree Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE meets DISNEY

I have never gotten excited about a deodorant before…

Well, until now.

I’m going to come clean here… I’m a sweater.  I have always been a sweater. It’s why I prefer to wear dark colors year-round, I never have to worry about exposing sweat stains or anything like that. Not to mention, I literally LATHER the perfume on because with sweat comes odor. I’m VERY aware of it all and will do anything/everything in my power to prevent it. It’s a yucky thing to have to think about and worry about, especially when you’re someone like me and constantly moving and constantly in motion.

Which is why I’m completely digging (and loving) Degree’s Expert Protection with motionSENSE.

This is why I love Degree’s motionSENSE… it starts fighting odor before you start to sweat.  BEFORE. YOU. START. TO. SWEAT.  I truthfully didn’t believe it when I first read it, I knew (oh, yes… knew!) I needed to try it out.  And what better place than Disney…

I’d be walking 3-4 hours a day.

I’d be in the hot, hot sun (85 degrees).

I’d be busy as can be.

And I’d be wanting to smell good and NOT sweat!

So I brought it along.  It was kind of like my Degree Expert Protection with motionSENSE test.  I was rooming/hanging out with my best friend Vera Sweeney and we were both up for the Degree motionSENSE challenge…

It went with us to…

Walking around Disney and Epcot...
Space Mountain...
The beach...

It’s pretty amazing how Degree motionSENSE worked.  I didn’t sweat. I didn’t sweat at all! What’s cool is that in the deodorant is motion activated micro-capsules that are just on the surface of your skin.  When you begin to move around the capsules break and release bursts of freshness.  It’s that easy.  And that’s not it… the scent of the deodorant STAYS WITH YOU ALL DAY LONG!  It’s incredible!  Usually you’ll lose the scent within 30 minutes or so… NOT the case with the motionSENSE.  After a full day at the park and heading back to the hotel, I could still smell the scent of the deodorant.  I love that!  It not only makes you realize that it’s working, but you actually see and smell it working.  It’s amazing.

There are 3 scents available right now for the Degree motionSENSE:

  • Fresh Energy
  • Pure Cotton
  • Active Clean

I’ve been sporting the Fresh Energy around!

If you are looking for a deodorant that is going to live up to all the expectations that you have for it, check out Degree’s motionSENSE.  I know my life with my 4 boys and working from home and keeping up with my projects are enough to test it out at home… but tossing it into Disney?  Where you’re walking and hot and trying to keep up with the masses and going on rides all day long. Oh, yes.  That was the bonus test!  When I saw it easily handle the Magic Kindgom, Epcot, Downtown Disney and Universal Studios… I knew I found my deodorant love and keeper!  And I know it can easily handle my “normal” motion life!

For more info, check them out on facebook… or at

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  1. After reading Vera’s post and yours I decided it was time to change up my routine so I bought this last night….and So far so good!

Degree Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE meets DISNEY was last modified: July 22nd, 2017 by Audrey McClelland