What to Wear While Traveling

What to Wear While Traveling.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to come up with the “perfect” outfit, especially if you’re flying.

I recently just came home from Orlando, FL. It wasn’t too crowded there because it was the week before Holiday break for a lot of kids, but the security lines were still SO LONG. When it was my turn to go through, the security guy said to me, “Why won’t people dress for travel?”

When you break it down (for a woman) you need to make sure you have off of all jewelry, belts, shoes and jackets/blazers. So I put together 5 different (fashionable) looks that you could wear to the airport that would make air-travel EASIER.

Tip here – Easy slip-on shoes and easy take-on-take-off cardigan.

Tip here – Comfy yoga pants, slip-on sneakers and hoodie.

Tip here – Comfy UGGS and leggings.

Tip here – Turtleneck, cords and easy-on UGGS.

Tip here – Easy flats and leggings with crewneck sweater.

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  1. Great tips, thanks. I travel a lot and am always baffled by those who wear boots that lace up to the knee or seem to think that the “disrobing process” is something new that should surprise them. My favorite travel choices include knit dresses with tights and quick zip boots in the winter (check out athleta.com for great choices) and leggings with tunics and flats. Happy travels!