Holiday Fashion Tips from Shopafrolic

When it comes to style and fashion and beauty… there are only a handful of sites I will check-into-religiously.

SHOPAFROLIC is one of my all-time faves!

Run by sisters (and both moms of 2!) – fashion designer, Liz Lange and graphic artist, Jane Wagman – I literally have become addicted to their witty banter back and forth as sisters, while they chat about different fashion and beauty products. Liz and Jane’s outlook and take on all things fashion and beauty is refreshing, delightful and absolutely fabulous! I had the honor of meeting Liz and Jane this past summer at our Getting Gorgeous event in NYC. They are two of the kindest ladies, chatting with everyone and answering bunches of fashion questions.

But getting back to Shopafrolic… what truly brings me back all the time is Liz and Jane’s sisterly bantar…

This is a perfect example…

How amazing is that, right?

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Jane about Holiday Fashion. With the Holiday season upon us, we all have parties to be at and places to look fabulous for! Jane shared some of her advice and tips for the season…

1. What are some Holiday trends that you love?
1. Anything fur/faux fur : shrugs, scarfs, collars; 2. embellishments: tanks/tees/tops with jewels, flowers, ruffles; 3. hair accessories: brooches/clips/headbands that have flowers, jewels, feathers to dress up hair; costume jewelry: anything bold that makes a statement – rings, earrings, cuff, bangles…

2. Do you know what you’re planning on wearing to a few Holiday parties this season?
YES, yes I do! As it is literally as cold as NYC gets right now I am planning on wearing a pair of super slouchy black pants that are so long if I don’t wear super duper high heels they brush the ground. SO super duper high heels that I actually wear cute textured socks with in as the pants are so long you can’t see them and they keep my feet warm (but if you do textured socks are cute). I have a few tops from Forever21 that I LOVE. Cowlneck (sexy), long and thin (slimming) and long sleeve (warm). Then a huge red lacquer vintage cuff with a big pair of gold earring and/or large ring. top it off with tots of dramatic eye makeup.

3. What’s your best advice for moms who want to look fabulous, but not break the bank?

Well the outfit I described above is not expensive at all. Everyone has a pair of black slacks and a pair of pumps in their closet. The shirts are literally $15 dollars and fun costume jewelry is EVERYWHERE at every price point. There is no reason to do a major shop for holiday parties. Invest in a new lipstick, a great costume bauble, or a fun hair accessory and dress up what is already in your closet. That’s what I am doing!

Holiday Fashion Tips from Shopafrolic was last modified: July 23rd, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Holiday Fashion Tips from Shopafrolic was last modified: July 23rd, 2017 by Audrey McClelland