The Blue Christmas Scarf

Last week, I wrote about the Button Tin that had belonged to my late mother-in-law Flo. I know she was sifting through those buttons with me… because I had a special little project going on for her precious great-grandchildren. NanaFlo’s love for her great-grandchildren was, and still is, bigger than all the button tins on earth and in heaven combined. We were searching for 9 buttons… one special button for each of the 9 children… and I’ll tell you why…

NanaFlo loved to knit. She spent countless hours creating masterpieces with her fingers and hands and knitting needles. Her needles and yarns were kept in a special basket next to her favorite chair. When I think of gifts… when I think of babies… when I think of children… when I think of Christmas… I think of NanaFlo knitting. This Christmas, I wanted to create something for NanaFlo… something for my grandchildren to remember this most special and loving lady…

So I wrote a story. I wrote a story about a lady knitting. I wrote a story about the great big kindnesses of a lady knitting. I would have asked NanaFlo to knit special blue scarves for my grandchildren if she were still here on earth with her dancing needles… but I went to my next greatest source… my dear, beautiful, talented friend Renette. Renette loved Flo. Flo loved Renette. It was the perfect match. Renette knit 9 perfect scarves for my 9 grandchildren… each with a touch of lovely yellow… just like in my story.

So where do the buttons come in? NanaFlo and I found a special button for each child’s scarf… from her button collection. “Pearl” and “diamond” for the girls. Shiny military-style, all different but very much alike, for the boys. I sewed one special, individual, hand-picked and heart-loved button on each Blue Christmas Scarf.

Yes, NanaFlo was with us last Saturday afternoon as Barry read the story of the old lady knitting to our grandchildren… the story all set up and printed with spaces for the kids to draw their own illustrations… wrapped in the spirit, and the scarves, of NanaFlo’s great love!

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  1. I’m searching for my words…such love all around. Really, words won’t come, but my emotions are all over the place reading this. So happy you chose to share this intimate family story of love.

    Well done, grandma. 🙂

  2. These are two of the most touching, meaningful and beautiful stories I’ve read in a long time. Such love abound in the story of the Blue Christmas Scarf and the story behind the story. The memories you are creating for all of your grandchildren are priceless. And I think if kids could adopt grandparents you would be on the top of the list for any child. I would love one of those blue scarfs!

  3. What a precious gift for your grandkids to treasure for the rest of their lives. You have given them a memory that they will never forget. You have such a knack for making special moments in the lives of your family. I hope they all know how lucky they are to you in their lives. XOXO

  4. Oh Sharon this is a wonderful story! It brought tears to my eyes. Such a touching memory in the making for all the grandchildren!

The Blue Christmas Scarf was last modified: November 18th, 2010 by Sharon Couto