My Alexander…

Today my Alexander had his 3 year check-up with his pediatric cardiologist. I will never forget heading to his first appointment back in October 2007. Our family doctor had noticed his heart murmur was still there, and wanted us to get it checked a bit further. I was sick with nerves… was everything OK?

I will never forget heading to the doctor that day in October 2007. I didn’t know then, but I was about 3 weeks pregnant at the time with Henry, and I just sat there feeling as if I was going to pass out as we waited in the waiting room with Alex. I was beyond nervous. Thankfully everything checked out OK that day in 2007, we were told to come back in 3 years for another check-up. 3 years seemed so far away… I randomly made an appointment – November 15, 2010.

That 3 year check-up appointment was today.

My Alexander… not 2 years old, but 5 years old. My big boy.

Fortunately everything looked fine. The hole in his heart is still there, but it’s 2mm. The doctor said if it were his child he’d leave it be. He just can’t Scuba Dive or fly in small airplanes… which I’m perfectly fine with!

But I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts today. We were VERY nervous today and relieved to know it didn’t get bigger. Alex was happy to get a new Nintendo DSi game for being “so brave.” Ahh… my little man.

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  1. SO SO glad the little guy is ok! I have the exact same thing and can say its never bothered me. (Though I’m bothered I didn’t get a treat for being so brave! I think my parents owe me!)

  2. I just got teary reading this! SOOOO glad everything is ok!!! HUGS

    We went such worry too with Susan’s first Julia and her hole in her heart. And with Jackson — ay yi yi!!! I was SICK with worry over his kidneys! And now look at him — he is a GIANT! LOL

  3. Oh Audrey I can only imagine how worried you were. I’m sooo glad everything turned out okay for the little guy! He definitely deserved that game!

  4. I remember Julia’s last checkup about a year ago… exactly the same. The memories of the panic when she was 2 days old and I first heard the words “heart murmur”… “hole in her heart”…

    Julia also still has a small hole, but as well the doctors said to not worry about it.