Can I get out the stains? (thank you, Home Depot)

We’ve been contemplating getting carpeting for our upstairs and recarpeting our basement (a.k.a. the playroom) for a good 6 months now. The BIG hold up we’ve had is the fact that we have 4 little boys and with them sometimes comes the dreaded spills and stains on carpet, so we’ve held off.

But… and this is a BIG but… Home Depot sent me 2 of their carpet lines to “stain/spill” out to see if these carpets could work for me and my family. Martha Stewart and Platinum Plus carpet lines at Home Depot promise the ONE thing we need – stain resistance… do they live up to their promise? I had my “experts” help me find out!

(You would have thought my sons won the lottery when I asked them to spill drinks on the carpet samples!)

Can I get out the stains? (thank you, Home Depot) was last modified: July 23rd, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. My carpet is 10 years old and awful, so I watched this with interest. I can’t decide whether to go for carpet or laminate, so this was a great argument in favor of these two Home Depot brands. And of course, your little guys are just too cute. They’re mad scientists in the making – as long as it’s messy science, anyway! (Also, does William look more and more like his dad the bigger he gets?)

  2. This is great! The technology keeps growing to help us with smarter home products. You can also find a great spotter to help you keep your carpets clean in between professional cleanings at Home Depot. It’s the Chem Dry World Famous spot remover in the blue and white can in the cleaning aisle.

    Did you know that The Home Depot also offers carpet cleaning? If it’s not quite time to replace, you can find a qualified, insured Chem Dry carpet cleaning company in your area by going to and putting in your zip code. Also Call 1800 HOME DEPOT or 770-443-1800 if you are in Cobb, Paulding or Polk counties in Georgia.

  3. One more comment – even though you’ve gotten most of it up with a paper towel or rag, there is still some stickiness on the strands – so do follow up with an approved spot cleaner like the Chem Dry spotter. At about $4/ can you’ll never want to be without it. Don’t use soapy ones like Resolve, Folex, etc. They will just attract more dirt back to those spots. The Chem Dry keeps on repelling dirt and just keeps cleaning and cleaning itself.

Can I get out the stains? (thank you, Home Depot) was last modified: July 23rd, 2017 by Audrey McClelland