Life is made up of moments…

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate our “anniversary.” I could even tell my husband got a little nervous when we woke up yesterday morning as I turned to him and said, “Happy Anniversary, honey!” (We were married on June 30th.) I told him to take a deep breath… it wasn’t our wedding anniversary (he was right), it was the anniversary of actually meeting each other (for real). Yes, I’m a total romantic…

But it’s funny, as we were at dinner last night, I started to think about the moments of our life and how some of them really determine and make up the BIG life choices/opportunities.

That morning 12 years ago… October 28th, 1998 was a crazy day. I remember waking up early that morning and looking outside at this gorgeous Fall morning in New England. Nothing is more beautiful than walking on the campus of Brown University in the Fall, it’s spectacular. I don’t know what exactly prompted me that morning (I like to think fate did) to get out of bed and head to the main green at 7:30AM to grab a cup of coffee and just hang out on the main green. But whatever was urging me to do this, it was a strong enough urge to actually make me do this.

Ahh… the moments.

I was sitting on the Blue Room steps that morning, minding my own business… enjoying the quiet of campus. Around 8AM, the bells began to ring to dismiss the early Tuesday classes. As I sat there, I saw this incredibly good looking guy pass by me (I mean, like REALLY good looking), I realized it was Matt McClelland. I had seen him before around campus, but had never gotten to meet him or actually get to know him. As I looked up at him (trying to be casually cool), he waved. You know when you want to turn around to make sure nobody’s behind you and that that is actually who they’re waving to??… that was me. But I took the chance and waved back. Which (thank you, GOD!) prompted him to come over and talk.

I’m not kidding. The rest (as they say) is history.

On the Blue Room steps on the Brown campus on our wedding day!

It’s the moments. What if I didn’t go to the main green that morning? What if Matt missed class that day? Would we have eventually met? It’s crazy to me how precise some moments in life just are… and believe me, as I sat next to Matt last night at dinner, across from our 4 sons… I felt fortunate for those precious moments that day, 12 years ago.

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  1. Nice Post Honey. I remember the first time we met Matt at Gregg’s Restaurant…
    I knew he was the perfect guy for you that night!

  2. Gorgeous…and so true. I had a friend in my english lit class in college that invited me to her brother’s band’s house for the weekend- as a single mom in college living at home, I had no real social life, and the invite sounded both thrilling and potentially a very bad idea. But when my 6 month old son and I went, it turned out to be a weekend of antiquing and shopping farmer’s markets…and meeting my husband, the band’s bass player. So I always thank my friend Justine for my family.:)

Life is made up of moments… was last modified: April 6th, 2012 by Audrey McClelland