Yesterday, I got a phone call from my beautiful grandson, William. Yesterday, he was 5 years, 364 days old. What he had on his mind was tomorrow… which is today now.

I heard his sweet voice on the other end of the phone. “Hi Grandma,” William said. “Tomorrow is my birthday. Can I come for breakfast and can Pop-up make pancakes for me?”

“Heck, yeah!” I answered.

William loves Pop-up and William loves Pop-up’s pancakes. I love this because it is a life cycle turning its miracle… our daughter Audrey loved her Nana Flo’s pancakes. And to celebrate such a big day… a 6th birthday… in such a way… well, it warms my heart. Pop-up uses Nana Flo’s recipe for pancakes. It just can’t be done any other way. Only one skittle will do. Then fry up the bacon… lots of it to make the most grease possible. Use this grease to cook the pancakes. You read it right. Use the grease to cook the pancakes.

There’s just something about this breakfast that William loves. The sound of the bacon sizzling. The whipping of the pancake mixture… William must help with that. William used to sit on the counter to help Pop-up, but he’s 6 today, so he can reach the counter just fine. William likes the bacon nice and crispy and hot, but not too hot. He’s the first one to test the done ones.

Today is such a special, special day for a special, special breakfast for a special, special boy. 6 years ago today, our entire family was sitting in the waiting room of the maternity floor at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. We were waiting for William. We knew William was William… named for my own father.  We just hadn’t met him, yet.  It was a day much like today… unseasonably warm and balmy, like time standing still right between summer and autumn.  The world stopping for a moment to wait for this cherished little guy. I held William for the first time 6 years ago today, my heart pounding and tears of joy welling in my eyes for this gift from my own child… a magnificent gift… a gift beyond all gifts… a grandchild.  These 6 years have taught me all over again that life is a wonderful string of moments… the simplest moments being the most glorious.

Like Pop-up’s pancakes sizzling in a griddle filled with bacon grease on the morning of your 6th birthday.

William will never forget these sounds and smells and tastes.  Already, they have become a part of him… just like his Mommy remembers from her childhood.  The wonder in a pancake sizzling in a griddle filled with bacon grease. On your 6th birthday.

Ah… life is good!

Happy 6th Birthday, my beautiful William… you are joy and wonder and laughter and mathematics (oh, how William loves numbers!) and curiosity and speed and life and LOVE all bundled up… the greatest gift of all!!  I love you forever!!!!  xoxoxox  Grandma

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  1. Love this tribute to such a handsome little man who is soooo lucky to have such wonderful and caring grandparents. Pop-up is a rare find in grandpa’s, to be able to cook his favorite breakfast.

  2. This is beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes; it’s what childhood should be like – grandparents and love and food! BTW, my dh said, “MY grandma used to make pancakes that way!”, and we live in the midwest.

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, WILLIAM! was last modified: September 25th, 2010 by Sharon Couto