First-Day-of-School Emergency Kit

Well, I did it. I sent my first born off to school. I didn’t cry the first day, but I did on the second. As I bent down to kiss him good-bye, I started to see his lip begin to quiver and my heart just broke. I asked him if he was OK (trying not to make a big deal about it) and all he did was nod. I knew (as only moms do) that if he spoke, he may start crying. That got me – hook, line and sinker. So as I was leaving school yesterday – fully exposed – I thought to myself… why don’t I have anything on me to disguise the tears!!!??? I didn’t want William to see my heart breaking as I walked away…

So… I have devised a first-day-of-school (no tears) emergency kit.

1. SUNGLASSES – These are purely essential… they hide everything.
2. HAT – When in need, a hat goes a LONG way… you can push the front down.
3. SCARF – Because it can double as a tissue…

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