Cheat Sheets

During my 30 years of teaching English & Reading, I stumbled upon some rather unique and I dare say ingenious Cheat Sheets (not that I ever condoned this practice, but kudos for originality).  I always told the would-be “cheater” that it would have taken less time to study than to develop the Cheat Sheet scheme.

So how do I now find myself with my own Cheat Sheet scheme?  Because I’m no spring chicken.  That’s why.  First and foremost, I don’t remember things like I used to.  Second, I don’t remember things like I used to.  (Did I just repeat myself?)  Third, I don’t remember things like I used to.

Here I am training for a HUGE Half Ironman triathlon… the Clearwater 70.3 Championships.  Until recently, training of any sort involved a downloaded training schedule, a wristwatch, and how many minutes to swim or bike or run on any given day.  That was good enough to get me through a 5K, a 5-miler, a 10K, a half marathon, a sprint triathlon and my first and only 70.3 race (Amica Providence).  Clearwater is a different story.  I have to be more prepared.  Physically and mentally.

My training now involves internal training.  When I go out to swim, bike or run, I must break the training into little segments… like:

AM: W/up 200 EE swim, 8 X 50 (25 drill – 25 swim) @ 5 sr, 4 X 300 EE (1st swim, 2nd pull with band – small pads, 3rd pull with band) @ 30 sr, 2 X 200 kick on back/streamlined (choice short cut off fins) @ 30sr, 200 AR choice cooldown

What!!?? How am I supposed to remember that!!?? Never mind memorizing the codes!!??

So I’ve found myself a little way to remember while I’m swimming, biking or running.  Not unique or ingenious in any way.  Standard issue Cheat Sheet.  Circa 1960’s.

The Cheat Sheets have even run around to the other side of my hand and up my wrist.  But the interval work (Cheat Sheets included) will (hopefully!) build me up a bit better physically.

Now if I could only find Cheat Sheets for my memory.

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  1. Seeing the photo of your hand brought back a terrible memory of getting caught in sixth grade attempting to cheat on a science exam – the one and only time I ever tried to cheat. My teacher appeared behind me as I pulled my hand out to look at my cheat sheet – or should I say, cheat hand? In any event, I’m no spring chicken anymore either so I definitely can empathize. Whatever it takes!

  2. I started writing a ” to do list” on my hand as a high school guidance counselor in the 70’s so I wouldn’t forget to take care of things that I’d promised students that I’d follow-up on and I still write my “to do list” on …my hand most everyday.
    Some days the list runs all the way up my arm!

Cheat Sheets was last modified: August 27th, 2010 by Sharon Couto