Our 9th and youngest grandchild, Dylan Joseph, turns 2 today! It is a beautiful day for a birthday, all summer and sun and blue skies and happiness… which is so appropriate because Dylan brings summer and sun and blue skies and happiness to our family and to this world every single day!

Dylan is a smile boy. He is pretty much always smiling. He will stop for a photo any moment of any day… dazzling the camera with his SMILE. And he squints his beautiful blue eyes into two little hyphens as his smile appears. Dylan loves to be in his Daddy’s arms, like a little koala bear, all snuggly and fit-just-right for a nice ride. Dylan is generous with his hugs and kisses and he can chase the big kids like a champ. He knows how to make his sister Maddie, his brother Jake and his cousins laugh… with his cute little faces and words and the way he eats macaroni and cheese. Yum! Dylan is pure joy all wrapped up and tied with a great big bow! Dylan is LIFE with a capital L!

I will always remember telling my mother-in-law Flo about Dylan. She was in the hospital on the day Dylan was born. It was a Sunday morning. Barry and I rushed to see our newest little grandchild – a beautiful baby boy – and then we couldn’t wait to share the news with Flo. We drove the couple of miles from one hospital to the other, and when we arrived at Flo’s room she was sitting up in bed. I said, “Mom, Adam and Aimee had their baby this morning. A boy. Dylan Joseph.” Dylan is Adam’s middle name and Joseph is Barry’s deceased father’s name. Flo had been struggling to speak for the few days prior… but as soon as I told her about the baby, she smiled and said, as clear as a bell, “Isn’t that something!”

I can still hear Flo saying, “Isn’t that something!” I can’t wait to tell Dylan some day all about the day he was born and NanaFlo knowing about him and smiling about him and saying those precious words about him.

NanaFlo would pass away 12 days later. But I think she was waiting for this new baby all along… waiting to hear the gender, the name, the date, and of course the excitement that this new baby would bring to our family. NanaFlo was all about the babies.

Dylan turns 2 today. And I can’t help but saying, “Isn’t that something!”

I don’t think NanaFlo will mind at all if I use her words today.


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  1. What a special post! Your words are so beautiful and express so much love! Dylan is lucky to have such an amazing grandma like you! Happy Birthday my little blonde boy. I love you to the moon and back!!!

  2. I love your birthday posts. You can just feel the love oozing from your words. Happy Birthday Dylan. You are very lucky to have this sweet lady for your grandma.

  3. I’m a little late but I love this Birthday post. Happy Birthday sweet Dylan. Mine is tomorrow, so we are both Leo’s. July is a great month to have a birthday, I think. Yes, I do believe that Flo was waiting to hear about him.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, DYLAN!! was last modified: April 6th, 2012 by Audrey McClelland