Strollin’ with my Maclaren Techno XLR

There are some essentials you need as a mom. A stroller is one of them.

After having 4 children… I can say, I know a thing or two about strollers. I think with strollers it comes down to one thing for me – can it grow with my child (stand the test of time)? If it’s going to do stand up to the test of time that means it’s high-quality, easy-to-use and absolutely (positively) convenient for me to lug/push/stroll around.

Maclaren’s Techno XLR is my main “man” stroller. I have been using this stroller for some time now and I absolutely love it. It works for my family of 4 boys. Even though it’s “Henry’s” stroller, everyone has been in it and used it. It’s funny because it’s my William (he’s 5 years old) who wants to be in it the most. As a mom, you have to love a stroller that fits your 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old sons in it perfectly. I don’t have to adjust the seat. I don’t have to fix anything. Not to mention, the seat is like a lounge chair because it’s quilted – talk about sitting down and not wanting to get up (so I kind of get where William is coming from)!

I know I mentioned (for me) that the most important feature is growing with your child… what is so cool about the Techno XLR is that truly does grow with your child. It comes with a car sear adapter, so you can use this as your buggy stroller system. From birth till your child is going into kindergarten (or approximately 55 lbs), this will stay in your family. Plus, the fashion side of me loves loves loves the reversible seat liners. These have been my saving grace with Henry… they’re machine washable! They attach as easily as they detach. If Henry gets anything on it, all I have to do is take it off, pop it in the wash and then we’re good to go! I can change up the look of my stroller instantly with the different options they have available. It’s that easy.

But enough what me writing… let me SHOW you my Techno XLR in action!

Strollin’ with my Maclaren Techno XLR was last modified: July 24th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Strollin’ with my Maclaren Techno XLR was last modified: July 24th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland