Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks – “I Love you, Grandma”

Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks

It’s not always easy having family that lives over 10 hours away… especially when that family is a set of grandparents.  My husband’s whole family lives in Pittsburgh, it’s very difficult for them because they feel like they’re missing out on certain things in the boys lives.  I’m always calling my mother-in-law to update her on things that the boys are doing, I know it means a lot to her.  With them being so little, they don’t always “talk” on the phone with her.  They’ll say “Hi…” and “I love you…,” but they’re still too young for the long conversations.   I’m always trying to find ways to make the distance “easier.”  It’s not always easy to do… but now,  Hallmark is helping me BIG TIME.

Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks

Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks
are absolutely incredible.  One thing we do every single night with the boys is read to them.  It’s something they love and treasure.  Now that Henry is getting older, he’s right in the “mix.”  When my in-laws come and visit (or when we go there), they love to take over that “tradition.”  They all curl up on the couch in the living room and devour book after book.  It’s adorable to see.  As they boys are getting older, it’s also cute for the boys to show them how they are learning to read themselves and identify letters.

Well… with Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks, my in-laws can enjoy books with the boys voices from afar.  It’s so cool.  This truly is a gift that is priceless.  We recently just recorded one for my mother-in-law called, “I Love You, Grandma.”

Hallmark's Recordable Storybooks

Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks

I read the pages as the boys helped me.  To hear them giggling and talking while we turned the pages is something my mother-in-law (their Grandma) will hear.  There’s something about the love and innocence of a child learning to read… it’s simply beautiful.

You record. You save. And you give. It’s super easy… and fun to do!

*Disclosure: I worked with Hallmark on their campaign and was compensated for my participation.

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