10 Reasons Why I Love Bravo’s Housewives of NYC

My husband doesn’t understand the love… the love of Bravo’s Housewives of NYC…


10 Reasons Why I Love Bravo’s Housewives of NYC:

1. It’s based in NYC. Gotta love having NYC as the back-drop.

2. Watching Kelly push her hair out of her face 100 times an episode is actually quite amusing.

3. I’m still shocked Bethenny and Jill don’t speak, I think I was waiting all season for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say “PUNK’D”

4. I love – I mean, love – Sonia. I think she’s absolutely fabulous. Anyone who talks about sex as much as her deserves some loving!

5. Am I the only one happy to see Bethenny happy?

6. The clothing is to-die-for… there are some FABULOUS items!

7. It makes me feel like my life is VERY SANE and RELAXING and DRAMA-FREE!

8. I secretly love watching LuAnn make a fool out of herself while she “sings”…

9. Who could not love watching Ramona’s bug eyes throughout a full episode. Although, I have to admit – she grew on me this season.

10. I loved trying to figure out if Jennifer (a.k.a. – the new girl) was really part of the cast or not.

Ahhh… my guilty, guilty secret pleasure. Can we please have a Housewives of Providence?

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  1. it really is addicting to watch. i am happy for bethenny as well but i am tired of her boobs popping out of dresses, buy a new dress. kelly – i believe that bravo is exploiting a seriously ill person and someone needs to speak up and help her, she is seriously imbalanced and i feel so sorry for her kids. jill – is a bitch and possibly the most self centered materistcial person i have ever witnestted, i do believe she is slowly coming to terms with the fact that she was the one who was in the wrong but who knows. she is is so annoying. ramona. ahhh ramona..how the hell did the wacko from previous seasons suddenly become sane and really made sense throught this season ??? luann – eh whatever. i hope my bod looks that good when i am that old….sonya, didn’t she just get arrested for dui in the hamptons ? she does add a refreshing change to the group and i feel she is level headed. however it was so fun to watch EVEN jill slightly bow down to sonya b/c it is clear that she has the most money of them all.

    sorry. as you can see i am obsessed, let me know when you want to talk about rhoNJ…a whole different level of crazy

  2. Obsessed here too! Even though I have to Tivo it and then watch the episodes while my bf is in the garage to avoid the mocking.

    SO SO happy for Bethanny! Love. Her.

    Also obsessed with RHONJ now that I have moved to Jersey myself!

    last nights finale was awesome with luanne’s singing. I had to rewind and watch it again. It was hysterical. Money Can’t buy you class. Oh Yeah!

  4. Truly my guilty pleasure. I used to LOVE Jill Z. As soon as she lost all of that weight she became full of herself and changed.I do want she and Bethenney to be friends again as well, they were a great “friend couple.”

    I too love the way they all “respect” Sonja. It’s not just about money – it’s about her “station” in life. She was married to the great-grandson of JP Morgan. Of the group of them – she’s the REAL socialite of the bunch.

  5. I second every once of your Top 10! My husband doesn’t ‘get it’ either. But I SO look forward to Friday mornings after the kids go to school so I can watch in peace (I have to DVR it, too).

  6. I’m shocked about B & Jill as well. When she was in Dallas before the season started, she said that they will never be friends. It’s sad because I loved them together.

    Jill used to be a favorite of mine and I used to hate Alex, Simon, and Ramona. Now, (I can’t believe I’m typing this) but Silex and Ramona are my favorites (after B, B is my number one).

    I want to be Sonja when I grow up, in the way that she’s a free spirit, has wonderful insight, and can pull off thigh highs–LOVE HER!

    If they ever did RHoDallas, I don’t think I’d want to be involved because I just can’t do drama (and I sort of like my “privacy”). I would watch RHoProvidence for sure! Maybe you should just start it on YouTube!

10 Reasons Why I Love Bravo’s Housewives of NYC was last modified: June 4th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland