Mom Hair – Easy Ways to Fight Back

This morning there was a “Mom Hair” segment on the Today Show with 2 contributors from (who wrote a piece about it). I was watching the segment in-and-out of working, changing a diaper, making microwave pancakes for breakfast (time savers) and trying to make a cup of coffee for myself… but I could hear it.  The Today Show is like my morning cup of coffee, too – I need it.

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, I noticed my friend Jill had written a blog about it. It was a great read… the point of the segment and article from (which gets you thinking), “What Does Your Mom Hair Say About YOU?”

I have to be honest… I did wear my hair up almost always after having each of my 4 sons. Ironically, I still wear my hair up. I did before I had kids, too. It’s just… dare I say it, EASIER. I absolutely get the point Dr. Wendy Walsh is saying… personally, I do remember those sleep-deprived-foggy-days. I had 4 sons within 3.5 years… it was a tough and crazy time. I’m just coming out of the fogginess… (just in time to start wanting another) and I did wear my hair up most of the time. I also wore it up because I didn’t want my hair banging into my newborn’s face as I was trying to feed him or change him or play with him. It was a hair style more out of necessity. And believe me, I rocked a good 3-4 inch root for a few years… I tried to pretend it was my channeling “Carrie Bradshaw” hair-do daze… I mean, days. I just didn’t have the time and/or the patience to sit in a hair for 2-3 hours getting a coloring done. So yes… I agree with your points.

BUT (or I should say), SO… I think there’s also a way to still feel feminine and even sexy with your hair (gasp) up! And these aren’t earth-shattering or difficult things to add to your “hair” routine… not for brand-new moms or seasoned moms. It’s essential to find ways and learn ways to feel beautiful, chic, trendy and sexy… even through our hair. It’s one of the points of my blog – when a woman feels beautiful, she exudes a confidence that can’t be beat. Because I do think you’re right in the fact that, “Hair is linked to a woman’s sexual attractiveness, and lack of attention to hair can also signal that sexual energy is being temporarily diverted to put the baby’s needs first.” I had 4 babies within 3.5 years… believe me, even with a ponytail, 4 inch root and baby-induced fogginess… you can still look MOM HAIR fabulous… even (the best part) without washing it!

Here are some suggestions:

Impromptu/Messy Bun – one of my personal favorites. (*How to do this, my own video tutorial.)

Hair bands – utilize them! They come in different fabrics, sizes and widths. They’re LIFESAVERS for hair up-dos.

Cut Bangs… always an easy look to achieve.

Scarf-it back. SO EASY! photo

Low-Ponytail with smooth hair (*Great for non-washed hair!)

Messy Braid down the front and just toss the rest up! (*You’ll need to know how to braid.)

Tuck Under Ponytail – Easy and Classic looking.

Upside Down Ponytail – Take ponytail, split hair above the band and flip ponytail up and over. (5 seconds to do!)

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  1. LOVE this! I’m a hair up kind of girl too. And I’m a HUGE fan of the messy bun. I love to put hot rollers in my hair and let it get super curly (has lots of natural curl anyway) and then put the whole she-bang into a ponytail with a few tendrils. Takes very little effort or time and looks delightfully “messed up on purpose.”

  2. I sport the Impromptu/Messy Bun, low pony, Upside Down Ponytail. I will also wear my pony a little on the high side (but not too high) in the evening.

    Yes it is time saver but to be honest I sport these styles for too main reasons:

    1) My daughter is still in that lovely hair pulling stage
    2) I honestly can’t find time to wash and blow dry out my hair more than once a week.

  3. I am a mom of three boys and I work from home ~ I think no matter how you wear your hair it is “right” for you at that time – it doesn’t mean always and forever – we all have our bad hair days – I saw the segment as well and if you remember they too had changed hair styles as well and I think as your kids get older you will find a style that works for you at that point in your life…I sometimes wear a baseball hat, wear it in a pony and sometimes I wear it up and sometimes I let it air dry but it is our true personalities that makes us beautiful and unique! Our hair goes through changes just like our clothing does over the years ~

    Just my two little “sense” =)

Mom Hair – Easy Ways to Fight Back was last modified: January 5th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland