Earth Day Special: Scotties on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act

Earth Month is something I have really embraced this year. I’m not the “greenest” mom in America… if you know me in “real life,” you know that. Since becoming a mother, I have absolutely tried to bring greener aspects into our life… I know it’s important for now and for the future. I absolutely love seeing my older sons toss paper away in the recycle bin, it makes me feel good that they “know” and are aware of this. Not to mention… if I’m brushing my teeth with running water, I’m promptly told by my son to “turn it off, Mom!”

As a busy working mom of 4… I love it when a company or a brand makes it’s easy for me in going green. When Scotties approached me about becoming their spokesperson on The Balancing Act, I jumped at the opportunity because they were speaking to “me.” They’re target… they’re mission… they’re demo… is ME. AND! They’re making it easy for me…

This was my spot yesterday on Lifetime’s – The Balancing Act: Go Green Without Sacrificing Quality or Value

Thanks so much to the team at Scotties and The Balancing Act! What a FUN DAY!

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