These Streets Made Me Feel Brand New

So, in news that’s probably not surprising to absolutely anyone who knows me (and definitely not surprising to those who already know)… I’m leaving NYC and moving back home to Rhode Island.

It was a decision that was both not at all and very difficult to make, and yet one I am absolutely at peace with.

It’s not that I don’t love living in the city. It’s not that I don’t love my job and the people with whom I work. It’s not that I don’t love traveling back and forth every weekend (well, love may be a bit strong of a word in this case).

It is that last summer, when I first made the decision to move to NYC, I was in an extremely different spot in my life than I am now. I didn’t have a mortgage anymore – or even a lease. I didn’t have a significant other in my life. I didn’t have a career keeping me from moving elsewhere.

So with tons of excitement, I got a job, found an apartment, prepared to make a new life in the city… and then (you know the story) I met Brian in RI.

When Brian helped move me into my apartment at the end of September, we were a very, very new couple, and it was understood between the two of us that we would see where things took us… but that I would be in the city for at least a year, probably more. But trips home, initially planned once a month-ish, quickly became weekly occurances. Riding into Providence on the bus each Friday night started feeling more and more right… and driving to the bus station to go back to NYC each Sunday evening began getting harder and harder.

And while, yes, much of my decision to move home has to do with my love life, there are, of course, other personal factors, as well. Basically, what it comes down to is this: while last summer everything was pushing me away from home, toward starting over somewhere else… now there are things pulling me back, things that are very, very important to me and my happiness.

There is nothing I would have regretted more than not moving to the city. When I needed it, the streets did make me feel brand new. The lights did inspire me.  But with all do respect for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, there is a place in the world that can compare. And now… now it’s time to go back there.

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  1. Good for you – I think that is awesome! Life is way to short not to live in the moment and do what makes you most happy. And in this case, things sounds like they went exactly the way they were meant to – you did what you needed to do, and now you’re doing what you’re meant to do, and completely sure about it with no regrets. Congratulations, I couldn’t be happier for you! And I’d love to meet up for a drink or coffee when you’re settled in and back – we seem to have a lot of people in common … then again, this is RI! Glad to see you so happy – you and Brian make such a great looking (and sounding!) couple!

  2. Yay! So glad to have you back, Jane 🙂 We can’t wait to see more of you and couldn’t be happier for you and all the love and laughs you’ve reclaimed with Brian – can’t wait to meet him!!!

  3. I was reading a status update of yours the other day and thought to myself, how long before you move back. 🙂 Congrats, it’s all about happiness. (and maybe we can see each other soon!)

  4. So happy for you, Jane! And now maybe you and your big sis and I can finally get together!! 😀

    Congratulations on your decision…wishing you all the best back here in Rhody.


  5. Jane I’m so ultra happy for you. One of those things that if you never moved to NYC, you’d always wonder what if …. and now you can move home feeling complete – in every way. I hope someday I get to visit you and Audrey in Providence! xo col

  6. Jane, I’m elated for you. I had guessed you were moving back, and I think it’s great. Your family is loving and Brian sounds like he’s a truly good guy, and since things are going so well, why not move back. I agree with Colleen, if you hadn’t moved to NYC, you’d always be wondering. Take care!

  7. I envy you. I miss RI…especially in the summer. There is no place like home. One day I will make a trip back and when I do, you and Audrey better be ready to meet me. 🙂

    (Ps. I am so happy to hear that things are going so well with you and Brian!)

These Streets Made Me Feel Brand New was last modified: March 15th, 2010 by Jane Couto Govednik