The "Saratoga Club-House Sandwich" Generation

You’re part of the Sandwich Generation if you are actively involved in the lives/interests/activities/care of your children and elderly parents. Like… sandwiched in the middle. In a good way.

You’re part of the Club Sandwich Generation if you’re involved in the lives/interests/activities/care of aging parents, adult children and grandchildren. Kind of like adding delectable bacon to the luncheon meat.

Well, I’m going one step further with the Saratoga Club-House Sandwich Generation. This is the veritable country club of generations. This is the exclusive club… with aging parents, adult children, grandchildren and grandpets. Think tons of mayo and some interesting veggies.

Take Barry and me, for example. We used to be members of the Sandwich Generation. We even used to be members of the regular Club Sandwich Generation. But now we are card-holding members of the Saratoga Club-House Sandwich Generation… (Saratoga Country Club being credited where the world renowned club sandwich originated.) On any particular day, we can be found anywhere with anyone from our club… and often with multiple members. On weekends, we can be found squished between our bedsheets with a visiting grandpet or two… and up at the breaking of breakfast bread with prancing grandpets who just happen to think know that grandparents live for early morning duty calls.

Ah. Just like a sandwich, life is better the more and more interesting things are added. We’ll take the meat, the bacon, the cheese, the lettuce, the vine-ripened tomato, the avocado, the sprouts… with extra mayo… all between whatever bread comes our way!

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  1. I read you – 5 grandsons in bed with us on a good Sunday morning, collaborating with my daughter on professional projects, pitching a manuscript with a colleague. Who said this stage of life was boring?

  2. How I look forward to moving into your exclusive club! With a 28 and 26 year old who are nowhere near thinking about marriage and children, I can only hope my baby will come through for me with a baby (but only after she gets out of college, of course)
    Here’s to us sandwich’s… may we be strengthened for the day!

    E. Brown

  3. I love this! I am proud to be in the Club house sandwich generation! I am turkey, bacon, swiss, honey mustard, lettuce & tomato….And I have the granddog as well….who I’m not allowed to feed!

  4. So…I wish I were still part of the sandwich generation. Mom and Dad both gone. Charlie, my father-in-law gone. One slice of bread left, dear Anna, my mother-in-law, who loves me!
    No grand-children on the horizon, little hope of any, though I do have three grand-cats and two grand- geckos and one grand-dog on the horizon.
    There always a ray of light, isn’t there?

The "Saratoga Club-House Sandwich" Generation was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto