Organizing Your Clothing.

Organizing your clothing can be a daunting task. Let me first say… I love clothing and shoes and accessories and makeup and everything fashion/beauty related. I love to read about fashions. I love to see and feel and check fashions and styles and trends out. And I love to see them on other people.

Throughout the years I have “collected” lots of clothing and shoes and makeup… mostly because of the jobs I have had. I love to be able to score some fashionable and awesome items and also purchase some classic and trendy finds. This truly has left my closets full… so full where I have spilled into my sons’ closets (sad, but true). Let me say right here too, I’m definitely not a shopaholic. I only buy if I need something, I don’t buy for the sake of buying. Anyone can be a shopaholic… come on, you’ve all seen the movie (right?).

Recently I was asked by one of my readers – “I was cleaning out my closet this weekend and I have a few things in my closet that I like and they still fit, but I’m concerned they’re out of style. I feel like the older I get the less sure I am about what’s ‘in.’ I thought you might have some advice on this very issue. How do you decide to part with articles of clothing that may be out of style?”

I love this question because it is such a common thing for us moms… we almost have 2 kinds of wardrobes in our closets and dressers – one “pre” kids, one “post” kids. I highly doubt that camo printed mini skirt will ever find its way out my front door (sorry, honey!).

My best advice is to look at your closet like this (and keep this motto in mind) – DON’T COLLECT. WEAR.

I say this because… after years and years of shopping for ourselves and then… the kids and our husbands (and/or whomever else!)… we stop “editing” our own closets. It’s ironic because I go through my sons clothing every season and edit down what’s worn, what’s not, what’s really used… and make decisions to donate or toss that way. I even do that for my husband (shhh… don’t tell him!).

When you look at your closet like this – “What am I collecting?” Chances are… it’s the stuff you haven’t worn in over a year. And that’s usually the rule of thumb to donate/toss out.

In regard to the question above, if there are items in your closet you truly don’t want to get rid of because you think you may wear them again… you’re just not sure about the style/trend. Here’s my advice – if the items are “timeless” pieces, keep them. If you haven’t worn a black cardigan for 2 years, but really like it… keep it. That’s a timeless piece. It won’t matter if ruffles are in… tight leather pants (please GOD… NO!)… or waistlines up to your neck, the black cardigan will go with everything. The point it, it’s timeless pieces that can and should be treasured.

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  1. That’s so funny because I was just wondering the same thing. My problem is pairing, too. I have a horrible time looking in my closet and putting outfits together. Im blessed with a HUGE walk-in closet all to myself, and can easily see everything, but I still have that problem. 😕

    BTW, I really enjoyed hearing you speak on the panel this weekend at Blissdom 🙂

Organizing Your Clothing. was last modified: March 16th, 2010 by Sharon Couto