Orange Juice Bath

Best Beauty Secret – Orange Juice Bath

Fashion and beauty isn’t just about clothes and makeup – your skin needs to feel beautiful and relaxed and rejuvenated, too!

Have you ever tried an Orange Juice Bath?

Best Beauty Secret - Orange Juice Bath

When I was living in NYC in a “10 x 10 closet”… I would get so frustrated and dread going home because my apartment was so small!  One night one of my good friend ‘ssuggested an Orange Juice Bath – I seriously thought she meant buy orange juice and dump it into a tub… Oh, NO NO NO!  She laughed and gave me this incredible “recipe”… Whenever I get the chance (which is few and far between now… ) I do this!  It really makes a difference to your skin.

Best Beauty Secret – Orange Juice Bath:

Orange Juice Bath:

Take 3 oranges

Take 3 lemons

Fill your tub with warm water (I love to add a little, teeny bubble bath, too!).  Cut the oranges and lemons in half and squeeze the juice right into the tub.  (Cup your hands around the bottom to catch the seeds!  You do not want to bathe with seeds!)

Are you going to try this Best Beauty Secret – Orange Juice Bath

If you’re feeling you need a little extra “something-something” for your skin – you can place the orange and lemons slices right into the tub with you.

Lie back and relax.

Soak for 15-20 minutes.

You’re literally revitalizing your body with Vitamin C… something we ALL need in these wintery months.  The Vitamin C will absorb right into your skin and leave you feeling very refreshed!

(Not to mention… you will smell delicious!)

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  1. Sounds very relaxing. I’m thinking the lemon juice probably cleans your tub too! This could revolutionize my chores! “Honey, I’m going to go clean the tub.” Hehe.