Nursing Fashions

I’ve been getting some questions lately regarding some fashions for moms who breastfeed. When you’re breastfeeding you need clothing that is easy for you and your baby to maneuver when you’re home or out and about.

I have put together 3 outfits that I feel work well for breastfeeding and (at the same time) looking oh-so-chic and fabulous!

Outfit #1:

Start with a Nursing Tank

Picture 4

Pair with jeans and a cardigan shawl:

Picture 5

Outfit #2:

Picture 6

I love this 3/4 Sleeve Pull Over Jersey Tight Top… and pair with with black pants, jeans or khakis.

Picture 7

Outfit #3

Take a printed top –

Picture 8

Pair this with skirts, jeans, trouser pants… with a cropped blazer.

Picture 9

Picture 10Appropriate tops for breastfeeding, paired with clothing that will make you feel “in style,” too.

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  1. Oh, how I wish I’d known about these nursing tanks when I was breastfeeding. That whole 9-month period of my life I struggled with what to wear, especially when I wanted to go out and look nice.

  2. Thanks Audrey for this awesome advice/post! I lived in my nursing tanks – love ’em! They definitely make normal clothes more “wearable” while nursing.

  3. Thanks Audrey for answering this question. I was heading out this week to finally shop for my new look as a breast feeding mom who is also slowing dwindling in size. I have had the nursing tanks but wasn’t sure what to put over them. These ideas give me a direction, I’m so tired of looking frumpy.

Nursing Fashions was last modified: July 25th, 2017 by Sharon Couto