Mabel Love…

My real-life friends always seem surprised to hear that I have best friends in the blogesphere, but I do. I have best friends out there in Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, California, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, etc… these are women I have met online, all of us doing the same blogging thing, and we have just bonded and clicked instantly! It’s that simple.

We share ourselves and our lives with each other. We may not live next door, or down the street, or have our kids go to the same school… but these women, these best friends know more about me than anyone. Maybe it’s because I feel like we’re “all in this together.” We started blogging… and from there, we instantly had that connection… and from there, friendships… true, deep friendships grew.

One of my best friends is Arianne. I met Arianne a year ago. I said “met”… but we “met” online. I used to read her blog, she used to read my blog… we both had all boys… and we just “got” each other. We have gone through so much together “blog wise” within the last year – Lifetime being the biggest change for both of us. We are both Lifetime Moms.

Arianne is someone I talk to every single day – through Skype mostly… we both work from home and we both work like crazy-ladies on our sites. What can I say – we love it! To us, it’s not work.

But it’s from there… that beginning point where we became such great and close friends. I don’t know if there’s anything Arianne doesn’t know about me. It’s that kind of friendship.

And so… when Arianne told me on the night on October 6th, 2009 in NYC (while we were there on a business trip) that she thought she was pregnant, I just became OVER-JOYED! I remember saying to her, “Are you sure?” And Arianne smiled at me and said, “I have to wait a few more days to test, but I’m sure I am.”

And that was it. She knew. And a few days later I got the best text of all from her while I was in a meeting, “Call me when you’re free!!!” And I just knew she wanted me to call her to announce that she was definitely pregnant! And Arianne was… and I couldn’t have been more thrilled and excited and elated for her! Her smile in NYC 2 weeks prior said it all to me…

For the next 8 weeks Arianne spoke about this baby, this little girl… she absolutely knew in her heart it was a girl… like a little girl at Christmas. It was beautiful and wonderful… and I loved every single second! This baby… baby Mabel Love… was wanted and loved from the beginnings of beginnings. As a mother of all-boys, I can tell you… I was excited to have a little pink in my life, too! Even though Arianne is 14 hours away, I knew that this special bundle would play an important role in all of our lives… she was, after all… a miracle. And knowing about her and hearing about her and getting updated on kicks and swooshes… it was a celebration. I felt it. And all of us who know Arianne felt it.

I knew I would be in LA when Arianne was going to find out for sure if it was a boy or a girl… but, well… she knew it was a she. I was anxious for that call of affirmation! I was excited to hear her news and her elation.

I was excited mostly for my best friend.

As Arianne knew, the baby in her belly was a little girl. Mabel Love. Beautiful Mabel was born on January 8th, 2010. Mabel was born an angel baby. An angel that will forever and ever look over her 3 brothers, father and beautiful mother. An angel that changed lives and brought happiness and beauty and delight in her 18 weeks of pregnancy.

I have always believed that each baby is meant to be. This baby Mabel was loved so much and by so many in her 18 weeks in her mommy’s belly. She brought smiles. She brought love. She brought hope. She brought light and beauty. She brought inspiration. She brought gifts to those she touched and whom felt her.

I wish I could take some of the pain away from my dear, dear friend…

But I know… for always and for ever… there will be a shining star in the sky. And that shining star will be Mabel. A beautiful light that will always shine for her mommy.

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  1. Such a sweet tribute to such a beautiful little girl, and such an amazing woman. My Sister is so blessed to have a friend like you, and I know that she absolutely cherishes you, and your friendship. xoxo

  2. I’ve been following you for about 2 months now – love your blog…Anyway, this Feb. 11th will be the 1st birthday of Selah my angel baby. She was born at 18 weeks as well. I feel Adriannes pain. My hope in the Lord is what has kept me afloat this past year. I look forward to celebrating Selah’s birthday, so the year of “firsts” will be over. I am so blessed and thankful for my 2 boys, even more. Sending prayers for her and her family.

  3. my heart has just broken for Arianne going through all of this. What a beautiful tribute you have written for her angel, and what a blessing she has in a friend like you

  4. Hi Audrey, I’m Arianne’s brother. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your continued support for my sister and her family. Your words are so thoughtful and beautiful. Arianne’s lucky to have a friend like you.


  5. That was so beautiful Audrey! I’m Arianne’s soon to be sister-n-law. Thank you so much for your amazing words, and all the love and support you give Arianne.

Mabel Love… was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto