Happy 9th Birthday, Taylor!

9 years ago this morning our world forever changed when our first grandchild, Taylor Jane, was born… everything was magnified a zillion times.  The joy.  The beauty.  The power of life.  The first moment I saw Taylor, with her raven hair and perfect face… I fell in love.  What we would see come from that beautiful little baby girl is the biggest heart and most wonderful soul… a child who would grow with such grace, caring, hope, faith and love.  I believe that each child is born with the gifts to change the world… and today I write this little piece for my beautiful 9-year old granddaughter Taylor, who indeed has changed the world and with each moment continues to do so.  I love you, Taylor!  You are a shining star, a shining light, the very sun herself!

You Can Change the World

You can change the world with one seed from one buttercup with one wish;
You can change the world with one wink, one hug, one kiss.

You can change the world with one note from one line of one song;
You can change the world each moment, each hour, all day long…

You can change the world by nurturing seedlings,
tiny and new,
And asking your friends
to do it, too.
Creating buds and blossoms,
fruits and shade,
Groves and orchards…
the Taylor Tree Crusade!

You can change the world by writing little stories
that kids understand,
About “please” and “thank you”
and the shaking of hands.
Stories that teach,
with smiles and delight,
The awesomest feeling
of being polite!

You can change the world…
By enjoying your shadow, new words and old books,
Listening to snow fall, the wind, and good cooks.

By blowing out nine candles on your birthday cake,
Knowing great love on each smiling face.

By seeing the angels in clouds in the sky,
Feeling the feeling of squishy mud pies.
Magnifying the magic to harmonize
the tenderest of tender lullabies.
Sensing the flutter of butterflies,
And knowing the color of each person’s eyes…
For in the colors of eyes you will see
Continents and cultures and faraway seas.
Countries of people and lifetimes, too,
In browns and greens and grays and blues.

You can change the world…
By learning the names of so many things,
Like stars and spices and flowers and kings.
Knowing the phases of the moon and the sun,
By tasting raindrops on your tongue.
Drizzling the drizzle on a honey bun,
Trying your best in a swim or a run…
And dancing with Daddy in the morning sun.

You can change the world…
By feeling the power of a painting or book,
Climbing a mountain or crossing a brook.
Delighting your grandparents with a knock on their door,
And gliding on ice skates or a boogieboard.
By putting on lipstick or painting toes
At your birthday sleepover… 9 years old!

By writing real letters with real paper and stamps,
Embracing the beauty of each circumstance.
Keeping the memories of loved ones alive
With their sparkling trinkets that dazzle your eyes.
By sipping hot chocolate in your jammies and socks,
Feeling the wonder of a smooth ocean rock.
Understanding the magnificence of an apple or pear,
And never going out in just underwear!

By feeling the cycle as the Earth makes her spin,
Celebrating all children, all people, within.
Making a promise to undo the dones,
The pollution and poverty that mankind has spun;
By giving and sharing and giving some more,
But never letting someone take what’s yours…
Your beauty, your honor, your family, your mind,
These birth-rite gifts that have come through all time.

You can change the world…
When you laugh, smile, listen, pray.
Oh, Taylor, there is so much more to say.
I could write and write so much, much more,
But the miracle of life is for you to explore…
Remember in life that the best things are free,
(Well, except for the underwear!)
And they’re all waiting for you… you’ll see!

So whether you keep company with paupers or kings,
By teaching others to do these simplest of things…
You can change the world.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, our wonderful Taylor Jane!

Happy 9th Birthday, Taylor! was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Oh Sharon, with everything you have on your plate right now, you still found the time and the words to give Taylor a wonderful birthday gift. She will treasure this forever. I hope Barry and rita are both doing better. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love you sweet friend!

  2. Taylor WILL change the world, just like her grandmother.
    …and…she will always, always cherish this beautiful gift of words you bestowed on her today, her ninth birthday.

Happy 9th Birthday, Taylor! was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto