Donate Clothing to Haiti

I’ve been glued to the TV, newspaper and internet for information about Haiti. My heart is just broken for everyone. To see the photos of death and destruction… it quite literally makes my stomach turn.

I’m sure we’re all trying to find something to do. Trying to find some way to contribute and help.

Here’s one way — DONATE CLOTHING.

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It’s easy. It’s something we can actually do. And it’s something that can actually be used. People have lost everything. EVERYTHING. Clothing seems like a drop in the bucket to donate… but it’s something that we all have the ability to do.  I can’t imagine waking up one morning with nothing… family lost, friends lost, house destroyed, everything belong missing… it’s horrific.  I was reading online yesterday that canned goods, clothing and everyday essentials (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap) are be asked for.

I went through all of our closets and drawers yesterday and put together a big bag of things.

My advice is to contact your local American Red Cross Chapter. They will tell you what they need and where to bring the items.

Fashion advice doesn’t always have to be about the latest trends and styles… there’s nothing like giving, especially right now in such a time of need.

**And BRAVO to some of the companies/brands out there that are donating profits to the Haiti. Yesterday the Daily Grommet gave 100% of their daily profits to the Red Cross Relief Efforts. Now that’s an amazing thing… !

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  1. My brother in law Michael and his wife Monica are adopting Stanley from Haiti. For 2 days they did not know if he was okay. They got word that he is safe, but the orphanage is in nedd of repair and in desperate need of food and supplies. Mike and Monica started a foundation on Thursday where 100% of the profits will go to the orphanage. Their goal is to raise $10,000 by Monday and they are already at $8,000. If anyone would like to donate you can go to:
    Monica nd Michael also have been blogging about their experience with adopting Stanley and getting him home soon. You can read their I know that a lot of people are looking for ways to help out with relief efforts, and as moms helping children always is a core issue with us. Please help get Stanley home soon. His baby brother Dane and his parents need him!

  2. Audrey- this is a great reminder that there are easy ways in which we can all pitch in and help. I know that personally, I have several bags of unwanted clothing that I have cleaned out of all of our closets and have been “meaning” to take down to donate. I love the idea of sending it to those who have absolutely nothing and nowhere to turn to for help.
    I know the team here at Daily Grommet felt compelled to help as well- it’s amazing what we can do when we all pitch in and give a little.

  3. I too would like to donate gently-used clothing. Where can I ship it to be sure it reaches those in Haiti? Thank you.

  4. i just checked red cross and they do not collect clothing. MAny sites and organizations do not. I am trying to start a school clothes drive for haiti but i do not know where to look. please help, and thank you

  5. i am accepting clothing donations and food donations to send to haiti. I have also passed out over 400 flyers around my neighborhood and they have come to my house and donated alot. i am bringing this clothes and food to the church and they have a warehouse where they are storing the clothes until they can land planes in haiti. If you are interested in sending the clothes. my phone number is 732 447 3430. I live in Monroe New Jersey. Thank you to all of those who are helping. You can call me at anytime if you have any questions.

  6. Hi there, we would like to give about 2 big boxes of ladies brand new top. We just close our London shop and would like to give some of our stock to the victim of the earth quake.
    Let us know when you can pick up as we are base in London SW4 7AH
    Thank you.

  7. I would like to donate clothing as well… I have closets full of clothing that I don’t wear anymore and someone could be in desperate need of in Haiti, but I have not found a source that will accept used clothing items and forward them to Haiti…not even my local Red Cross in Riverside CA. Do you have suggestions of other organizations who may accept clothing for Haiti?

  8. Our thrift shop has an unlimited number jeans and children’s clothes. They are in excellent condition. We would like to donate them to Haiti, however we don’t have a way or money to send them. Can you help? Our people want the clothes to go to Haiti and the Red Cross won’t guarantee that. Thank you

  9. No dice with Red Cross – they aren’t taking clothing. Where do I donate clothing and what address in Haiti to send?

  10. Hi! I have about 8-12 trashbags full of clothes and I can’t find anyone to take them. We want to donate them to Haiti but No one in Texas is taking clothing donations. Could someone help me find a place in Texas where I could take this, I don’t mind going to The houston, dallas, or austin Area.

    Thank you guys!

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