2010… Setting all our wheels in motion

I guess it was in 2009 that I began to live the words that I had so often taught during my 30 years as an English/Reading teacher. The words? Written by one of my favorite authors, Henry David Thoreau… We live but a fraction of our life. Why do we not let on the flood, raise the gates, and set all our wheels in motion? Maybe it was that mortality thing creeping in. Maybe I began to see that each day truly is a separate life. Maybe those hot flashes of menopause really were adding bits of courage and adventure. Maybe it was just time…

Because I wouldn’t have believed it if last New Year’s Eve anyone had told me that in 2009 I would run a 5k, a 5-mile race, a 10k and complete in a Sprint Triathlon. Or that I would jump out of an airplane. Pole dance. Agree to pole dance in a Cabaret. Get my own pole for Christmas from my husband. Swim 65 laps without stopping. Wear bootie shorts. Yep, bootie shorts. Write a bunch of children’s stories. Love Tai Chi lessons. Sign up for “Sexy Salsa Dancing” lessons. And create my own 57 in 52 Bucket List.

But I did. And I plan to live more fractions of my life in 2010. I hope that every one of you out there sets all your wheels in motion on this most special day of the year… New Year’s Day. Small increments. Medium ones. Huge ones. Facing personal challenges. Helping others. Seeing the angels in each person we meet… even if sometimes we must look many times for those little wings.

Facing fears… unencumbered and uninhibited. Laughing. Laughing often and laughing out loud. Making someone else laugh. Making someone else think. Kissing our moms and dads and babies and grandbabies.

Embracing life.

And blogging naked.

(OH, NO SHE DI’INT, and I’ll bet no-one believed me… !!)


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  1. Oh, Sharon! This is priceless. I am laughing so hard…and here I thought you were joking with your Facebook comment. I love you!

  2. OH MY GOSH SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT BELIEVING WHAT I AM SEEING, WELL YES, I AM ACTUALLY…I can’t believe we both posted ourselves with less clothes on, but honey, you went all the way with it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You made my morning girl. I wouldn’t put Anything past you after seeing this! Happy New Year you crazy fun loving friend of mine.

  3. Holy crap girlfriend!! Look at the definition in your muscles. You look amazing. A very dear friend lost her mom yesterday, so things are a little sad around here today. I’ll be spending my time with them, but in a few days when this is behind me, maybe goal setting for the year would be good therapy. I did just set three goals last night for the new Sisterhood challenge. I guess that is a start. Happy Happy New Year to you my sweet naked friend and to your beautiful family.

    Happy New Year and a healthy one but I think you may need to keep some clothes on so you don’t catch cold!!!

  5. P.S.S.S. I had to show my hubby by first telling him, “you know the adorable Christmas card I received from R.I. with the 9 adorable grandkids on the front?” Well, this is the grandma who sent it! His reply after I showed him your post “Looks good to me”! After a big gulp!

  6. Oh Sharon…you are so much fun! I can only hope to be as bold and beautiful as you are some day. I’m looking forward to reading about all the wonderful things you do in 2010. Happy New Year!

  7. Sharon, I am behind on my blog reading but I’ll be danged if I skip another day around your blog! You really go all out! šŸ™‚ LOVE this post!

    I know everyone else has already mentioned this but it “bares” repeating, you (and your cute little body!) are an inspiration to all of us!

  8. What a great motivational post šŸ™‚ This is fantastic! I admit I’ve blogged naked before. What can I say? Inspiration tends to come when you’re in the shower! I don’t have photographic proof of my nakedness though -lol-

  9. Oh, Sharon! You are such a superstar! Good for you!!!! Seriously, you are fantastic…and truly brave!!

    Love ya! xo <3

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    Truly yours

2010… Setting all our wheels in motion was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto