Tips for Hiding Gray Hair

Tips for Hiding Gray Hair

How do you hide gray hair… ?


UGH. that pesky question that NO WOMAN wants to ask herself or her hairdresser.

Confession time.

I’m going to come clean with you here, since I’m all about being honest and open with my fashion/beauty advice – I have tons of GRAYS throughout my hair!

TONS! Call it my “genes”… my maternal grandfather’s hair went white when he was in his twenties… my own mother’s hair went gray-ish white when she was in her twenties, too. So I knew it was going to be either me or Janie (my sister). Guess who inherited it?

But… guess who battles it head on (no pun intended!)?

I have a few tips up my sleeve

I have a few tricks that help hide the grays… and believe me, as mothers, I know we don’t have time to be doing touch-ups all day, every day. What even made me think of this topic for today?

Last night I was at Macy’s buying some gifts. The 2 women in front of me were having a hair discussion. One of them – no word of a lie – had about a 1″ root of complete gray. I felt bad because she was genuinely saying to the woman in front of her, “I just can’t afford to get my hair done every 4 weeks right now…” But I could tell she was embarrassed and wanted to do something about the root.

Tried and tested tips for hiding gray hair

So here are my suggestions (and I’ve used ALL OF THEM!):

For light-haired women

1. If you’re light-haired and can get away with it, GO BLONDE! This is what I do. My natural hair color (swallow and gasp) is dirty blonde.

Tips for hiding gray hair - family picture - two women and 3 toddlers
Pregnant with Henry 2 years ago… (before the blonde)

When I started getting grays, my hairdresser, who happens to be one of my best friends, suggested I go blonde – serious blonde. She said it would hide and disguise the grays tremendously… it DEFINITELY HAS!

2. Wear your hair in wavier styles… and keep your part zig-zagged. If you keep your part straight, it’s like wearing a NEON SIGN saying you have GRAYS.

For darker-haired women

3. If you have darker hair – this is a trick I learned when I was on the Rachael Ray Show – use eyeshadow to cover your roots! It’s easy and affordable… and believe me, it works.

The woman they were demonstrating on had light brown hair and extremely noticeable roots… the brown eyeshadows covered her root in NO TIME!

4. Disguise with a temporary hair-color product that you can apply right on your root. My recommendation? Hairmaker. It doesn’t flake and you can’t tell (AT ALL) that it’s on!

Who needs grays!? Not me. Not now!

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  1. Great tips! But keep the roots colored blonde, or the grays will start to show up next to the darker hair growing in. 🙁

  2. You inspired me. I went to a colorist today and did blonde highlights. That and 8 hours sleep and I actually might not look my age. Dare to dream.. ; )

Tips for Hiding Gray Hair was last modified: October 28th, 2018 by Audrey McClelland