Pole Dancing… what I couldn't have known

When I put Pole Dancing as #2 on my List of 57 in 52 (57 things/challenges/fears/desires to accomplish in 52 weeks… from my 57th birthday on October 6th ’til next October 6th ), I did so as with great trepidation. I mean… well, facing my fears of flying and heights with skydiving on my 57th birthday (item #1 on my List) paled in comparison to walking into a Pole Dancing class at 57 years old. First, I can’t dance. Oh, I do dance. But I can’t dance all smooth and rhythmic. Never mind sensually. I have never been described as sensual. Believe me. Facing my fears took on a whole new meaning because I had signed up for 6 classes in this session. No, it wouldn’t be just one dive and done!

But. But. But. Pole Dancing has turned into something I absolutely love. I look forward to my class each Tuesday night in that safe little studio with the multiple poles and soft lights and worn hardwood floors that you imagine would be in a dance studio. I showed up the first week in sensible gym shorts and socks and sneakers… but have s-l-o-w-l-y learned to actually enjoy the freedom of something a bit less. I have graduated to a little skort kind of thing, but I’m on to bootie shorts next week. Yep. You heard me right. Bootie shorts, as in pretty up and close to the bootie. What I have discovered is that each girl appreciates her body shape and size and image… and we are all different, but all alike. We are women. And stepping out of our comfort zones together make us more women than I ever imagined. I have come to know that my un-dancing feet can and will connect with my body and my arms and my hands… it just takes the confidence to do so.

Confidence. In movement. In learning. In failing and trying again. In facing the giant mirror and enjoying what you see. Even at 57.

And wearing THE BOOTS! Yes, I got myself THE BOOTS. The POLE DANCING BOOTS! And as it turns out, these boots fit like a woman on a mission… just perfectly!

Who could have known?

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  1. Those boots are pretty hot! You’ve kind of inspired me to look for classes in my area, but I’m not brave enough to do it alone.

  2. Look at you, Miss Thang! “Those boots were made for pole dancing and that’s just what they’ll do..cause one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you” I am so proud of you and your confidence. One day, I hope I love my body as much as you love yours…

  3. Sharon, I want you to know that this morning at 6am I was at Curves for my workout. The second time around I was really getting tired and what got me thru my workout was picturing you doing that pole dancing and the drive you have…Girl, you helped me in more ways than you realize. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Sharon–

    I relate and applaud even though I haven’t ever taken the pole dancing leap. But I did learn to swing dance as a grandmother at the age of 56 — and had never danced before. That sense of stretching the body beyond its trusted parameters and shimmying into a whole new world is glorious. Bravo!

  5. Well done on braving the world of pole! Id love to be able to pole dance but ive tried a few times and just get the fear of falling flat on my face! After xmas though LoveHoney have loads of new pole dancing goodies coming out so i may invest in some to work on some moves. plus i hear it keeps you really fit. Bonus!

Pole Dancing… what I couldn't have known was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto