Lands’ End Boys’ Sport Squall Parka

Lands’ End knows how to keep its customers warm. I have been addicted to Lands’ End sweaters, scarves, hats and coats for years. I always feel toasty and cozy in the cold New England winter weather… it’s a heavenly feeling. Not to mention, it’s important to be warm in the cold!

When it comes to my 4 sons, I need and want them to feel the same way. These are my little men… I don’t want any shivers running through them. Lands’ End asked me to try out the Boys’ Sport Squall Parka for one of my the boys. William, my oldest, is always the “guinea pig” because he’s the one without someone passing things down to him. Lucky for William… he always gets first dibs on stuff! Now, let me preface, my William is a BOY! He loves to run and play and jump and roll and race and get dirty and be outside as much as possible. I needed to make sure, whatever winter coat we ended up getting him… that it would stand up to the test of an active 5 year old, and still be in tact to pass down to (possibly) 3 little brothers!

As soon as I read that the Boys’ Sports Squall Parka was described as “tough, water resistant and warm”, I knew we had “our” coat.

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Plus it has this PolarThin Insulation (with fleece lining), so it’s warm, warm, warm without the bulk, bulk bulk. There’s nothing worse than seeing a little boy or girl running around with tons of coat padding. They can’t be, well… KIDS! They’re too bulked up with the cushion in the coat! It’s the (no pun intended) polar opposite with the Sport Squall Parka. It’s functionally fashion-friendly. Not a bad way to describe a coat, right?

William kind of understands just how cool his coat is… he loves the blue color. When we were trying to decide which color to get… because it comes in a variety of colors… William was set on Vivid Blue. I love it because you can see him anywhere. When I’m driving into the parking lot at his preschool, it’s easy to spot him with the other kids. Plus, it has an attached hood. If you happen to have a child whose not a hat fan, there’s nothing more easy than having the built in hood. It stays put and it keeps little heads nice and toasty!

I absolutely love the coat. William is a tough sell when it comes to clothing. If he doesn’t like something – he doesn’t wear it. Plain and simple. He loves his Lands’ End coat, or… well, Parka. It’s got all the elements that I love and that he loves… plus, his brothers all want one, so it makes him the “desirable” brother in the mornings before school!

If you’re looking for a fabulous coat for the upcoming winter months, definitely check out the Sport Squall Parkas. We are HUGE fans in my house… and again, I love anything that promises to be tough, water resistant and warm. These are the heavy hitters that drew me in as a mother… and they are the ones that will keep me coming back for more!

(Disclosure – I was sent the Parka from Lands’ End for review.)

Lands’ End Boys’ Sport Squall Parka was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Lands’ End Boys’ Sport Squall Parka was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland