Happy Birthday, Janie!

29 years ago this morning, at 10:07 am, our little baby girl, Jane Hillary… who would forever be “our baby,” came into our world. Every moment since has been filled with laughter, delight, loveliness and LOVE!

Back in “those day” it wasn’t common to learn the gender of your baby before the actual moment, so I very clearly remember the words, It’s a girl!” The name Jane means “God’s precious gift,” and our baby girl is that precious gift of God. My heart still soars when Janie enters a room or throws her arms around me. My eyes still dance at Janie’s great big smile and bright blue eyes. My mind still sees the great gift of life that we were given those 29 years ago.

I wish our Janie the happiest birthday ever, ever, ever! Barry and I are driving into New York City today to take our baby girl to dinner and celebrate the magic of our beautiful daughter and all the gifts she has brought to us…

I love you, Janie. I love you with all my heart and soul! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday a million times over!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jane!

    I so relate. As you well remember, Sharon, because you and Barry were part of the waiting, our own “baby boy” was 27 just a couple of weeks ago, and our “big boy” 29 in September. With such joy and hope we awaited these precious children, now all grown up and living their own lives, yet still welcoming their parents as an intrinsic part of those lives. We are blessed.

    May all of you continue to celebrate Love! Joy! Good Health! Prosperity! Amazement! Curiosity! for many, many, indeed, countless years.


  2. You are such a stunning mother and daughter team. I feel the pride and celebration in each word. Happy Birthday Beautiful Jane! Enjoy your special dinner celebration.

Happy Birthday, Janie! was last modified: February 28th, 2010 by Sharon Couto