Fashion Advice for JEAN LOVERS: Beija-Flor

“I love these jeans.” And I’m not just saying this because the website to get to Beija-Flor is just that –

Moms. Stand up and unite. These are some AMAZING JEANS – specifically for mothers.

Beija-Flor. Kathy Moca and Emilie Moca Whitaker, a mother and daughter team (which I love!) are bringing Brazilian jeans and innovation to modern American women.

I received a press release about Beija-Flor jeans a couple of months ago. Immediately I was intrigued. Anything that promises to:

1. Flatter the hips, thighs, rear and tummy

2. Be socially and environmentally friendly

3. Have Brazilian memory stretch denim


4. Contours to eliminate gaping in the rear

Well… I want to see these babies! As a jean LOVE-LOVE-LOVER… I’m definitely up on the jean front. Not only do I love to try and learn about different jean brands… I love to find ones that truly hold up to their promises. Not all do that. Some jeans may look good on, but do they stand up to the test of time and motherhood? That’s the question.

I love these jeans! Beija-Flor sent me a pair to try – the “Jennifer” – a dark wash jean… and I love them! I must admit, when I first held them up I thought to myself, “There’s NO way these are fitting me!” And I’ll tell you what – much to my happiness (and surprise) they slid right on and buttoned easily. I got the first hand-experience of Brazilian innovation design… the stretch of the denim helped fit the jeans to my body like a glove! I mean, like a glove. But the best part… I could still bend and twist and run and walk and do steps – all the essentials that go along with motherhood. You can tell just by touch that the quality is high… you know these babies aren’t shrinking in the wash/dryer or ripping in the middle of a diaper change.

My favorite feature is the mid-rise fit. Ahh… no gaping in the rear. I think I love you. NO MORE worrying about exposed undies (or worse yet, plumber’s crack). You can bend and tie a shoe at preschool without leaning against the wall!

Not to mention… “Beija-Flor” is Portuguese for Hummingbird… and well, for a Portuguese girl, that made me smile. The Hummingbird is “a natural link between the continents of North and South America. Hummingbirds are living wonders.”

If you’re a jean loving-wearing mom… you gotta’ try out Beija-Flor. They are, in a word, wonderful!

ps: my Mom is very fashion forward… and when she saw the Beija-Flors on me, she needed to try them. Well, she loves them and is ordering a pair for herself!

Fashion Advice for JEAN LOVERS: Beija-Flor was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. Brazilian jeans are the best fit I have seen to date. I have not tried this company jeans but I buy my own from hotsexyfit store in NYC and on their website
    South americans seem to have it right with the material and cut.
    I encourage people to try a pair a brazilian jeans because when you do you will not go back to other jeans.

Fashion Advice for JEAN LOVERS: Beija-Flor was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland