Fashion Advice: Belen Echandia

I’m a handbag girl through and through. I’ve always gravitated towards bags, even over shoes. But not just any bags… incredible bags. Bags that can and do stand up to the test of time. As much as it’s fun to have some different bags in your wardrobe… clutches, hobos, satchels… it’s also important to have those couple of handbags that will just last. That’s it – they will last year after year after year. There are handbags like that out there.

Let me introduce you to Belen Echandia. First, let me tell you how cool Belen Echandia is… I met them on Twitter! A company reaching out to potential customers in the coolest and most modern of ways, I loved it! Talk about personalizing customer service. And whenever I can talk handbags with a handbag company, well… let’s just say, love at first tweet.

Rock Me. Love Me. Enchant Me. Surprise Me. Hug Me. Whisper to Me. Make Me Smile. Hold Me. Kiss Me.

These are the names of some of Belen Echandia’s handbags… how creatively cool is that? Not to mention that you have the ability as well to Create Your Own Dream Bag. In an age where shopping via internet can be accomplished so easily, and there’s so much lost in translation between YOU (the customer) and the company, it was beyond refreshing to see the merging of the two… and having them do it so well.

I received my Rock Me handbag 2 weeks ago and I have been sporting my bag everywhere! I love the timeless feel. Black pebble leather… high quality, soft and amazingly versatile. I can wear it to a meeting, carry the same bag out on the town with girlfriends (which I did last week!), and then wear it to the farmer’s market with my 4 little guys. It’s quite simple what Belen Echandia is doing… making life more and more beautiful.

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  1. You are definitely a girl after my own heart! Some people tease me about my giant bags, but I need something fashionable, but that will hold sippy cups, diapers, toys, etc! Much better than carrying around a purse AND a diaper bag. Very nice. Will check out their site.

  2. where can i get this bag?! it’s beautiful! are they only available online? it looks like the leather is that cool shiny crinkly kind. is there a retail store where we can check it out? thanks for another awesome post.

  3. You can get the bag at

    You won’t be disappointed, the owner Jackie will help you find the bag that meets your needs, and their leathers are amazing!

  4. Hi there, just a small correction. Jackie the designer pronounced it as Bellen Echundia (think of China) and not Belaan Eshandia. Nice review.

    thank you.